providence steamrollers

providence steamrollers

A week before the Super Bowl, my dad called me and said he had a great story for me to write. My dad often pitches me story ideas, but this one was a little more personal than usual. My dad thought, after talking to his dad, that I should write about my great-grandfather and his…



For many years, I unknowingly suffered from a gay music deficiency. The gayest song I knew for most of high school was “Same Love,” a same-sex marriage anthem rapped by a straight guy. I first heard “Same Love” in tenth grade. I was standing in the kitchen, lazily scrubbing a pot from dinner, when a…

Katya Labowe-Stoll

my year of adulting

My year of “adulting” began when I moved into my off-campus apartment in June, and I realized I needed wifi. When I signed the lease, I was thinking about affordability, proximity to campus, and whether or not the rooms had natural light—not so much about how I would check my email, access Canvas, or stream…


raise a glass to susan yund

Imagine trying to describe the White House without mentioning the president. Or giving a tour of the Sistine Chapel without talking about Michelangelo. Not only would you miss the big picture, but the underlying details also wouldn’t make sense. Without a president, the Oval Office would just be a small room in a big house….

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Top ten

top ten things to do over the long weekend

  1. Spend too long deciding whether to hit up your Datamatches
  2. Peruse the CVS candy aisle for discount Valentine’s Day chocolates
  3. Go to Boston only to wander around Boston Commons then talk about it for months
  4. “Apply” to “internships”
  5. Pretend to study for biochemistry, organic chemistry, physics, etc. while actually just rewatching Marie Kondo’s The Art of Cleaning Up for the eighth time
  6. Rewatch the first five seasons of Friends and realize you’re too far gone, so just finish the remaining five
  7. Sleep, regardless of the number of overdue assignments you have
  8. Convince your friend to spend $100 on a projector so you can invite people over to play Smash
  9. Actually make the time to ~bond~ with your friends
  10. Spend time venerating past U.S. presidents, because they have such a great track record

Overheard at Brown

“The only Datamatch I want is my orgo lab data matching the expected results.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              “A conductor is just a polished DJ, no?”                      

Hot Post- Time Machine

“I’m getting off track, but the point of all of this is that while I’d never even had my first kiss, I was about to start taking the pill.” -Eliza Cain, “Planning Ahead,” 2.16.17                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “Boy meets girl. It’s not cute, because she’s mindlessly swiping on Tinder while microwaving a Lean Cuisine.” -Bianca Stelian, “love according to hollywood and reality,” 2.15.18


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