raise a glass to susan yund

Imagine trying to describe the White House without mentioning the president. Or giving a tour of the Sistine Chapel without talking about Michelangelo. Not only would you miss the big picture, but the underlying details also wouldn’t make sense. Without a president, the Oval Office would just be a small room in a big house….

Shabbat Article

chronicles of shabbat

My family is Jewish, but I’ve never really understood what that means. Before Brown, I could count the number of times I had been to a synagogue on one hand. I wasn’t bat mitzvahed; I knew only a handful of Hebrew and Yiddish words. At home, we insist Christmas is just like any other day….

Gratitude in the face of climate change

warming up to the apocalypse

When I was 12, I loved conspiracy theories. Often, I would scour YouTube for mysterious videos that claimed to uncover a spectacular truth hidden from the public. Whether it was the banks, the Illuminati, or even corrupt lizard humanoids that ran the world, I would become a staunch believer. One theory that I was particularly…

Erin Walden Article

new here

I am walking through a fluorescent hallway. It smells like new air conditioning and pharmacy and bleach. The floor is tiled beige and the sounds of people mumbling behind closed doors drift into the hallway, which looms narrow and empty except for a coffee machine. It is very cold. It is corporate. It is boring….

Latest Issue

Top ten

top ten things to do before winter break

  1. Seek out caretakers for contraband pets
  2. End your non-relationship with that Tinder person you matched with earlier this semester
  3. Fill out the winter break checkout slip and tape it to your door
  4. Savor your last free beverage of the year from Shiru
  5. Make a last ditch effort to save that GPA
  6. Wish Blueno a happy new year
  7. Finally take out the overflowing trash that you and your roommate have been passive aggressively ignoring in hopes that the other will take initiative
  8. Find out how to hide all the body modifications you got this semester from your conservative family members
  9. Trash your least favorite class on the Critical Review forms
  10. Pat yourself on the back for surviving yet another semester

Overheard at Brown

“I’m a fake sushi girl.”         “Reading is like exercise: If you do it too much, you die.”

Hot Post- Time Machine

“When I started working as a barista during high school, the arrival of jugs of thick pumpkin pumpkin syrup signified an overly saccharine beginning to the busiest time of the year—a beginning that can only be described as “basic.” -Sydney Lo, “Pumpkin Spice & Other Existential Autumnal Comforts,” 12.06.17           “This is a show that celebrates weirdos, great and terrible jokes, and cheeseburgers: all things I hold close to my heart.” -Gabrielle Hick, “My Heart Pooped My Pants,” 12.03.15


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