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My hometown of Berkeley, California enjoys moderate temperatures and the infrastructure to accommodate bicycles, so cycling for sport and for transportation is ubiquitous year-round. Though bicycles are lauded for their utility, one of the main benefits of the bike is often overlooked: its ability to connect people to the world around them. When bicycles first…


do it yourself

Like most students here at Brown, I was drawn to this school for its Open Curriculum, excited by the prospect of being in control of crafting an education fueled by my passions. Now well into my second semester, though I’ve sampled some unforgettable courses, it seems I’ve committed to blindly plowing forward in the course…


view from the west bank

Within the walls of Jerusalem lies a grotto of timelessness, a place where the presence of history beckons in the alleys and every corner contains a scrap of sacredness to covet. Monks cross themselves under sanctified arches as pilgrims shuffle forward on canes, overcome by a silent wonder at their presence in the City of…


faulty lines

A few weeks ago, I went on the annual DEEPS (Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences) spring break field trip to look at rocks in the West Texas desert. We traveled along the border between the United States and Mexico to see the geological features formed by the theory of plate tectonics, which births…

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Every one of us has an anarchist and a totalitarian within us.” (Looking at pre-frosh) “Do not come here, you will be sucked into a neoliberal achievement rat race.” “The original content was the Ten Commandments. God knew if you put it into a list, it would get clicks.” “I’m not saying that I make good decisions, but economics is the study of evil.” “Zionism was a mistake.” “I am here for your blood pressure.”

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“I don’t like tomatoes in my tuna.” “Does anyone have an Overheard we can use? We need two more.” – Saanya Jain “My grandma apologized for forgetting to wish me happy birthday by venmoing me a hundred bucks for beer money.”

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“Ahh, I should have guessed he was American from those non-fitted pants.” Spencer Roth-Rose, The Game of Language, 4.14.16 “Behind the family-friendly mask of boy-band-hood, Zayn and Louis were, in fact, 20-something-year-old dudes.” Joshua Lu, Zayn—Mind of Mine, 4.14.2016


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