Blue Moon, BYOB, cockblocking, focaccia sandwiches

Stuff Brown Students Like

Blue Moon: Much like Entourage, Facebook, college sweatshirts, paying attention to other people when they talk, soda, The OC, bachelor’s degrees, 2% milk, basketball, pencils, jobs and general independence, this is high atop our list of things that we enjoyed immensely our senior year of high school, but after three years have lost a certain amount of luster.

BYOB: Applies equally to sushi restaurants and Econ 11.

Cockblocking: Seriously, man, what the fuck?

Focaccia Sandwiches: Not so much for what they were, but for what they represented: Overpricing, underbaking, long lines, foreign languages, student-faculty commingling, order gerrymandering (see: tomato-basil-mozzarella on tuna), Ray-Bans, the bourgeoisie, liberty. In a nutshell, Brown University.