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    spring weekend tips

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    I love rumors! Facts can be so misleading, where rumors, true or false, are often revealing.
    Colonel Hans Landa

    As we write this it’s still too early to trust the forecast, but it does look like it will be a nicely sunny weekend.  With cooperative weather, you’re pretty much guaranteed a fun Spring Weekend — even if you don’t have tickets to the concerts and spend your time getting tipsy in (on?) the sunshine and shopping for goofy sunglasses.  Still, in order to help you get the most revel out of your revelry, here are a few tips regarding Spring Weekend food and drink (and other stuff):

    Behold, the free refill: The Bookstore Cafe offers refills on coffee or tea for 50 cents, while the upper-Thayer Bluestate (i.e. the one you go to if you actually want to get a little work done) will restock your cup for free!  This well-kept secret will serve you well at 10:30 a.m. Saturday when one iced coffee simply won’t do.  We recommend buying one, chugging it on the spot, and enjoying your refill on Pembroke or Lincoln until whoever decided to make popcorn inside your head stops.

    The Iced Coffee Rundown: Speaking of iced coffee, here are the proper choices, depending on the Spring Weekend state of mind/being in which you find yourself.  Any time before 9 a.m., with any kind of hangover, or with any sort of hunger: Bagel Gourmet.  At 11 a.m., trudging to class while your friends have a shamelessly good time: Starbucks, because you’re going to be miserable anyway.  Their iced coffee tastes like sweat, necesitating the purchase of espresso (tragically, inevitably, setting you back $7).  It’s 3 p.m. and your “buzz” is going to die off much more quickly than you’d hoped: Blue State. Under no circumstances: Au Bon Pain.

    Places to visit: Lincoln Field is nice, if a bit obvious, and it affords great versatility in terms of both activities (lunch, people-watch, read, bronze) and location (easy trip to a number of medium-quality dining establishments and dormitories). Prospect Park, if you can make the trip, is glorious in the late afternoon and sunset hours. Late night trips to India Point Park can give you that wonderfully invigorating/terrifying feeling. And the secret garden behind the Math Department is a real gem, as is the massive (MASSIVE) tree behind the Judiac Studies Department, both on George Street. We recommend an early afternoon blanket-and-crossword session, which will inevitably turn into a late afternoon dry-eyed wakeup.

    Places to avoid: Patriot’s Court.

    Ivy Room lunch:  What better time than Spring Weekend (well, Friday afternoon until 1:45, at least) to enjoy the best and least-publicized sandwich bargain on Thayer?  Yes, the Ivy Room serves lunch.  Yes, they have good sandwiches.  No, they don’t have chicken fingers.  Get a Waterman (ask for cranberry mayo) and sit outside with a beer.

    Go South, young man: As you make your Spring Weekend alcohol purchases, a zealous allegiance to Spiritus is ill-advised.  Take the walk south down Brook Street to Campus Fine Wines, where you’ll find a decent (though unremarkable) beer selection and (more importantly) some serious wine deals.  Grab a couple cheap (we’re talking $7) bottles of Portuguese green wine, get ‘em chilled, and enjoy a cleansing, invigorating buzz.  Green wine is a cousin of seltzer (along with G&Ts, facial exfoliants, and the cucumber), and is a great option for those of you who are (stupidly) averse to beer or cocktail.  If for some reason you’re feeling the reds, Campus has a good selection of Montepulcianos and other cheap, good reds that come with a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal (try Frei Joao—it’s reliable and affordable).

    Band of Brothers: If you wake up and find that everything’s a bit too fun, a bit too happy, a bit too beautiful, and that shit needs to get real fast, nothing is better than an hour with this HBO miniseries (which, come to think of it, is about 40 percent miniseries and 60 percent godsend). Just make sure it doesn’t turn into 10 hours.

    There’s more to Thayer than Antonio’s: It’s 7:30 p.m. on Saturday and all you’ve had to eat is the lime from a tequila shot or six.  You don’t really want pizza or falafel. You need a quick, portable, tasty bite at a palatable price and you need it now.  The play?  Take out from one of the “real” restaurants on Thayer; they have a much bigger selection at totally reasonable prices, since you don’t need to tip on take-out. Kartabar has surprisingly good burgers (including an unexpected veggie burger with goat cheese and olive tapanade) at suspiciously good prices.  The best food at Andreas is on the appetizer menu, providing you with a great selection of de facto tapas.  Grab an order of taramosalata and go get your dip on in the pristine, cool, promising spring evening.

    Shorts or Jeans?: An age-old question here on College Hill. Shorts bring comfort, mobility, freedom, and, on the downside, ungainly staining potential and the knowledge that a large hipster contingent will refuse to treat you like an adult. Jeans bring style and wearability as the sun goes down; cons include unwanted sweat and a general lack of springiness. Be true to yourself.

    Footwear: As little as possible, as often as possible.

    Buying goofy shades at Shades Plus: It’s an $8 investment you won’t regret, at least until you lose your new accessory at the Saturday concert, which, luckily, you won’t remember.