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    Your guide to slush, the weekend, and the Post- Magazine

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    Post-‘s Top 10 Things to do in Providence Slush
    1. Hotbox an igloo on the Main Green.
    2. I f*cking love cocaine!
    3. Throw snowballs at Olives. Shed a tear for FishCo.
    4. Build a snow slide out of second story window. Throw ripper.
    5. Leave it to melt in between your bra and your shirt so that the boyfriend who you’re actually not into is led to believe that he makes your nipples wet.
    6. Hose down Brown walkways. Watch people fall. Oh wait, Facilities already did that.
    7. Snow Owl (Berge) Watchin’.
    8. Cross-country ski to class.
    9. Slush Angels.
    10. Write your name in pee next to the bear statue.

    Weekend 5
    1 Opening Night for Anisotropy: The Third Annual Brown/RISD Dual Degree Show – Brown/RISD Hillel Gallery – Friday @ 6:30

    2 The Lion King – Providence Performing Arts Center – Starting Thursday through Feb 20th
    3 Funk Night – The Underground – Friday @ 10:30
    4 Hot & Fierce: Brown’sTones and Harmonic Motion – Salomon 001 – Friday @ 10:30
    5 Writing is Live Festival – Rites & Reasons – Starting Friday through Feb 14th

    Post- It Notes

    what we’re doing this week
    MUSIC is bowing its heads for a moment of silence in memory of the White Stripes who went Icky Thump this week. Even a Seven Nation Army won’t bring them back.

    FILM/TV is looking forward to the Super Bowl. Because Glee is on after, mashing up Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads will Roll.”

    is going Gogol ga-ga about Geoffrey Rush flipping crazy shit in BAM’s upcoming production of “Diary of a Madman.”BOOKS is braving the number jungle with the help of You Can Count on Monsters, a picture book by Brown prof Richard Schwartz that may just cure our childhood fear of factoring.

    FOOD is contemplating Crockpots. Here’s to coming home to a Grad Center suite that actually smells good for once.

    BOOZE is getting plastered on Whiskey and shacking up with Jack. Smooth and hot, perfection guaranteed.

    From the Editors:

    ‘Morning, sunshines!

    We’ve got a snarky reputation to uphold, so if we tell you something, you’ll have to keep it pretty hush hush. Can you? The truth is, you see, in the early days of this still-young semester (the very air so rife with promise!), we’re feeling pretty chipper.

    Hey, we’re a little surprised ourselves. After all, we’ve slipped spectacularly on sidewalks this week. We’ve puddle-jumped, bundled up, and packed our schedules to the bursting under some sinister gray skies. But none of it seems to detract from the fact that it’s just so very good to be back. Slush, shopping period, and all. Jaded comments? Not here. Hey, listen up now—we’re shedding our cynicism. We’re eschewing the sharp-tongued remarks! This fine Thursday morning, could it be that great new class, Friday with friends, and the odd spontaneous snowball fight that make our sopping snow boots and full Mocha shopping carts so very worth it?

    Could be, we think. It just might be. So happy back-to-Brown. Happy almost-end of shopping period, happy no-more-sleet, and happy Thursday. For shouldering through the first week, bravo all of us. Here’s to a fresh semester! We’re glad we’re back, and we’re glad you are too—

    Rosily, in a warm glow of contentment,

    (look, no snark!)

    Post- mag