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imagined netflix users rate netflix’s new hit unbreakable kimmy schmidt



Breakable Kimmy Schmidt

By: BeatingDeadHorse

I haven’t watched it yet, but I just wanted to be the first one to write that it’s breakable. That Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is breakable. My other notable headlines from past reviews include

Saturday Night Live? More like Saturday Night Dead!

Nickelback? I want my Money Back!

Two and a Half Meh

I’ll update this review once I’ve watched the series. Maybe.




Misleading Title

By: Kimberly Schmidt

I thought this was going to be about a resilient modern Jewish woman figuring it out in New York. It’s not.





By: StuckInIndianaWhileVeryGay

TINA MADONNA FEY has done it again!!!! New York is where misfits fit into each other, where you can reinvent yourself from a Mole Woman (a term for the four Indiana women locked in a bunker by a radical cult leader for 15 years) to a bona fide New York City nanny for Upper East Side children.


But one star off from a five star review because Kimmy legit wears one outfit for the first three episodes. Also, how many pairs of pink pants can one person have? The overall aesthetic of the show leans too heavily on a Kate Spade brand of saccharine sweetness, which is a problem when its code of humor is already so specifically pop-culture centered and contemporary, making it hard to believe that the characters are anything more than stylized caricatures.




I’ve been up all night making gifs.

By: StrugglingTumblrArtist

Some of the most amazing one-liners are casually thrown around in this show. Take advantage of the fact that this is on Netflix and watch it with subtitles to appreciate the intricacies of some of the jokes. Some of my favorites include:

“That was the fanciest sentence I’ve ever heard, and I used to watch Frasier.”
“You don’t know what you look like? How will you determine your self worth?”

“I will handle the music. And it will all be from after the year Christina Aguilera started eating hot dogs.”

“For the last three months it’s been ‘What’s the Internet? Who’s that guy? What’s Tilda Swinton?’ And I have told you, ‘Tubes, the president, and no one knows.’”

… But, which one will be my Facebook cover photo?




It’s like watching the Bechdel Test pass the Bechdel Test.

By: Feminicat

The sole male lead is a gay black singer. Two unmarried women over forty are the other two sub-leads, and our heroine, Kimmy Schmidt, toys around with boring yet also ridiculously pompous straight white boys before she falls in love with the Vietnamese immigrant delivery boy. This is the rainbow circle jerk of the liberal post-racial wet dream, and it pays off as executive producers Tina Fey and Robert Carlock find fresh comedy in depicting underused character demographics.


But that can also be problematic at times as it feels like Fey and Carlock think that elimination of straight white men give them the right to make racial and gendered jokes without consequences, which is uncomfortable when all the characters still embody mostly stereotypical behavior, except for Kimmy, the young white woman.




This is not as good as House of Cards

By: BroskyJagermeister

I just finished House of Cards which was sick (Frank Underwood is the man) and I thought this was gonna be like that. Kimmy is not like Frank Underwood. In fact, Kimmy tells everybody exactly what she wants to do in the first minute of every episode, and has no secrets.  Out of all the characters, a teenage girl with an attitude problem called Xanthippee is most like Frank Underwood. So, not like him at all.




Funnier than The Mindy Project, not as funny as New Girl

By: TVByDayTVByNight


The Mindy Project is a continuously disappointing disaster (but we love Mindy Kaling) spiraling out of control, while New Girl is a consistently ingenious reconfiguration of the rom com sitcom (but we feel ambivalent about Zooey Deschanel). Kimmy Schmidt fits right in between Mindy Lahiri and Jessica Day as a city slicker heroine. She is spunkier than Jess, but not as self-absorbed as Mindy. The supporting characters aren’t as lovable as Nick, Winston, and Schmidt are in New Girl, but Titus in Kimmy Schmidt is more memorable alone than all the background characters of The Mindy Project combined.

But is mediocrity what we are going for in a Netflix original? This show stands in the same sea as The Mindy Project, New Girl, and most definitely 30 Rock. What is the purpose of a Netflix special with a 13-episode release if it doesn’t have the deliciousness of its own?



It’s Fine

By: Claire Choe

I look forward to re-watching this show, but that is only because watching it the first time around was not something I enjoyed. The season peaks at episode 9-10 after a long, unbelievable, and definitely too convenient build-up of Kimmy’s life. I can’t put my finger on it, it could be any number of reasons mentioned already.

  • Reliance on caricatures to create characters, thus lacking emotional core

  • Sickly sweet aesthetic of the show that screams ‘WOMEN COME HERE’

  • Lack of a Jim Halpert/Jack Donaghy type of grounded humor to balance out the zaniness

Or it could simply be that Ellie Kemper is lovable but not compelling as a lead, despite all her talents. Kimmy and her tireless can-do attitude is perhaps not what I (or we) are looking for in our protagonist.