Editors’ Note

Dear readers,

This week’s note is from all of us here at Post-. Doubtless many of you have read, or read about, the Herald’s “internal error.” Many voices have already weighed in. We condemn the two racist and factually incorrect columns that the Herald published this past week; however, we don’t want to take up space where other, more informed voices have already spoken. We do want to tell you a bit about how we will try to make our use of publication space responsible and responsive to the Brown community that makes us possible.

The line between unpopular and harmful opinions can be, at times, hard to draw. It was not a hard line to draw in this case. While we, too, have felt the rush to fill space and finish production, we never want carelessness to result in the publication of something that’s worse than nothing at all.

But there may be more ambiguous cases in the future. While we want to provide a forum for students to share their experiences and thoughts and contribute to conversations of value, we never want to publish pieces for the sake of sensationalism. We want to provide a place where different perspectives can meet; we do not want to promote positions entrenched in ignorance and prejudice.

All of our good intentions rely, in the end, on judgement. And while lack of judgment is never an excuse, we fully recognize that we are not infallible. We at Post- welcome and encourage you to add your judgments to ours, to bring us your doubts, and to inform us of our errors.



Post- Editorial Staff