classes we wish we could’ve preregistered for

  1. ENGL0001: Exploring Chapter Books

  2. MCM3600: Hegemonic Dialectics: Hegel, Phallocentrism, and You (Bourgeois!)

  3. PHP0100: Defense Against The Dark Arts

  4. VISA0300: Psychoceramics

  5. MATH0?00: The Limit Does Not Exist

  6. COLT1600: Whales and Their Tales: Cetology’s Impact on Literature

  7. ATLA0300: Advanced Firebending

  8. PHIL2060: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

  9. ECON1020: Free Market, Free Stuff: Studies in Dismantling Capitalism

  10. ENGL0930: Intro to Creative Nonfiction