post- happy hour

i love friends

Ernest Hemingway famously said: “Write drunk; edit sober.” This semester, Post-‘s staff is taking Hemingway’s advice to heart—or at least half of it. We’re bringing back a Post- tradition: Post- Happy Hour. Every so often, a member of Post-‘s staff will sit down with a drink (or two, or ten…) and respond to a prompt meant to provoke a serious, thoughtful response. We’ll post those thoughtful responses (or, more likely, typo-ridden drunken ramblings) here. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Hello, world! I am supposed to write about a choice that ahs change the ocurse of my life. I am not fixing typos because i am drunk and that would be disingenousou, and if there is one thing i dislike it is disingenuosity which is a word i just invented but should be real. The change that I made is that in thte sixth grade, I joined band! Hello! It was a good decision. The thing is, band has been exceedingly important int he life of me. In middle school, it was okay. We had 60 people in sixxh grade that’s not how you spell grade, but then in 7th grade we had only 20! Amazzing. That is because I don’t knwo why but it did indeed happen. We had 5 trumpets in 7th grade, but only 4 woodwinds which is incredibly disproprtiaten! That is not the right spelling. I am so sorry. I apologize. This is fine. Anyway. Yes. So. We had a small band, but of the other 3 woodwinds players, 2 are still close friends of mine! So I am glad for that. Friends are soooooo important. I love friends.

Did you know that most of my best friends in college are in the band? It is true. A would like to point out that you, dear reader, probably did not know this, because this column is anoynmoususuosu! Anonymous. A has criticized me for my spelling of the word “anonymous,” which I am fully capable of spelling. Here are some facts about A, because she resents her introduction. She is great. She is 2008. That rhymes, which is the only reason I said it, that is all. She is so awesome and I think she is the best. Okay. Is that good A? Yes she says yaeh that’s good. Perfect. A+++++++.

My high school didn’t have pluses, which is good, or minuses.

That’s a whole paragraph A+ says A. She is correct. A+, says I. She says she is always correct. I say I have no bad ideas ever in the world. The end. I win.

SO. Had I not joined band in high school. Or rtather, middle schoo, when I joined the band. The thing is, that was very formative. The middle school band sucked, but it is when I became good friends with a person who is still one of my best firnes which is really nice! Because since we graduated high school we have not seen each other for moe than liek 3 days in 1 semester, but she is still so improtatnt. Anyway, A stop makng fun of me, I am trying my best here. I am trying. She says I am dong my best and it is true.

Anyweay. High school BF is important. Band is important. When we got to hs there were 3 of us from my middle schooL! There were mroe than 3 but the others played percush so who cares. They  were annoying and 13 years old and always high so like, whaterver. I have friends now who smoke and that is fine but when I was 13 the kids who smoked a lot were interesting. I was 14 in high school. Not 13. A has aaske dme to clarify this fact. Thank you.

ANYWAY. So, the thing is, without band would I have gotten into Brown??? It is very unclear. See, you see, the thing of the matter of fact is that I was both a horn captain ANNNND THE PRESIDENT, which helps with ar esume!!!! College applications are stupid, children, you will be fine and get into a good school and be happy. But yes!! It was helpful to me. BUt more important than the credentials was the fact that it made me SOOOO much more confident than I was before! I talked to people and the parents in the booster board which I have been told is a regional term, maybe, bc no one else had booster boards, except A says she has heard that term so THANK U A, MY FRIEND, so yes. Anyway. I remember giving a little speech my seniro year to the parents in which I said many sentimental things about band and graduating and growing up and how great the freshman were and that is a thing I would not ahve been able to do without the experience of being in The Band Of My High School. Which shall not e named. Because this is anonymous.

So, yes! I am sentimental. This is true! I was thinknig recently about what my life woudl be like if I had never joined the band to begin with and it is so unclear. Because–would I have gotten into Brown? It was my main extracurricular. Maybe? If I had, who would I have been friends with? Here? I made  agroup of friends freshman year but y’know it was a freshman year type group of friends, in that, we were all desperate for friends and thats how it hapens, you spend time together and THEN YOU ARE FRIENDS. But now, today, most of my best friends are in the band! Which is nice. So if I had not joined band in high school but had still gotten into Brown, I would have probably joine another thing. I do not know what thing???? A says, [my major].com the website, which is not a club, she i slying. Did you know I know A through this club that I joined (which is band???) (SPOILER ALERT, SAYS SHE)))))))))/. Anyway, if I were not in the band, would I still mostly see freshman year friends?? Freshfriends???? I do not know. It is a mystery to me. But now, I spend so much time with the band.

Dear band, I love you. YOu are the best. Thank you very much for the last 4 years. I appreicate you all more than you know. Thank you. I love you. I am supposed to be imaginign the last 4 years without you, but I don’t want to do that, because you have been the best part of those 4 years, and the part I will remember with the most love. I do not want to leave you, but I will, and that’s okay, because time is real and moves forward and in the end, in the end what? A says, “in the end we all die,” which is true, but mostly, in the end, we all remember what was the best about the years that we want to remember.

The a*ma m*ter says that college is the happiest tranisent moments of youth’s fleeting horus of our lives, but the thing is, youth is short! ANd if of my youth, this is the happiest moments, that is okay, because they have been pretty damn happy. Thank you, 6th grade me, for joining band. The rest of my life will be pretty good too, I’m sure, but in the mean time, these fleeting hours of youth have bene as good as they come, and sorrows have been transient as april’s (not andy’s) brief showers, so. Brown, I lvoe you. Band, I love you. Friends, I love you. BROWN FOREVERMORE, THREEEVERMORE, ‘16 FOREVERMORE, BROWN BAND OUT.