time machine

which historical period would you live in?

“Honestly, I would say I would stay in the present. Because, a) technology. I don’t think I could live without running water and toilets and all those things. And b) being an Asian woman in America at any other time besides the present would be far worse than presently. So I’m okay staying here. It’s not perfect, but I’ll stay here for now.” – Aileen Frotten ‘16

“I would also pick the present, because of women’s rights honestly. I just think going back to pretty much any time, you risk being married off at the age of, like, 10. If I could be a man, maybe my answer would be different, but as a woman, I would pick now.” – Abby Sessions ‘16

“Well I would say the future. It also depends on where I would be in this time period. I think it’d be cool to live during the time of dinosaurs. But ideally I’d love to live on Mars in the future. But if not Mars in the future, I’d pick living with the dinosaurs. Because they’re both cool. I’d choose Mars or the Jurassic era because, quite frankly, I’m tired of all of the social and political bullshit that America has given people like me—namely, black people and other minorities—in any other time period.” – WH ‘16

“The Renaissance Period in Italy. Because I visited Italy over the summer and it was the most beautiful thing ever. And Florence was amazing. And I’ve also been watching this TV show about it, and I’d love to be around in that time.” – Minoshka Narayan ‘18

“I would want to live in the late 1800s or early 1900s because I think the houses then were gorgeous.” – Emerson Wells ‘18

“I would probably live in the late ’60s or early ’70s because I love soul music and funk, and I feel like that would be an awesome time to be alive.” – Madeleine Olson ‘18

“The thing is, I’ve had two time periods that I’ve always wanted to live in, and I don’t really know why… The early 20th century basically, and then the 1800s leading into the 1900s. And I really like flappers. So I guess kind of the earlier period, and then the ’20s.” – SS ‘17

“I think during the dot-com bubble, like late 1990s, when there was a lot happening with the internet, and websites, and web applications, because that’s kind of what led to the current state of technology and the rise of Silicon Valley, and I think that’s really fascinating. Either that, or just right now. There’s evidence of us making great progress in humanity with technology and everything, but there are also so many problems that have yet to be addressed in the world. For example, we’re moving forward with robots and artificial intelligence, but at the same time, we don’t yet have gender equality. So it’s like, different kinds of issues, different stages, and lots of problems to tackle.” – Julia Wu ‘17

“The future. Because it would be cool.” – Anonymous ‘16

“I would live in the very distant future because I want all the technology from that time period.” – Jason Nadboy ‘17

“I would live during the 1970s, around then. I’m interested in biology, and there were a lot of interesting discoveries around then with DNA that have really shaped the way biology is done.” – Matthew Finn ‘18

“I think maybe the 18th century because then I could write letters with quill pens and rubber stamps and wax stamps, and it wouldn’t be a purely aesthetic thing. I do that present day, and I’m mocked. And, for medical reasons, I think I’ll keep it to just a visit.” – Ian Shank ‘16

“So I’d go to the 1800s. Not sure which part of the 1800s. But I think that was a time when a lot of things were changing, and I think it would be really cool to study philosophy at that time.” – Sonny Kim ‘16

“I would say mine’s the ’20s because of all the jazz music. I would have just loved to play in one of those groups.” – Erin Reifler ‘17

“I’ll go with the ’60s because I think there were a lot of exciting changes that were happening and new movements and ideas that people were experimenting with. I think it would be a really exciting time to be an artist and to be a musician.” – Jamie Meader ‘17

“I would want to live in a future that is hopefully not being dominated by robotic overlords. So in the future, but not too far into the future.” – Anonymous ‘19

“I think I’m glad living in the present. I’ve got some benefits of living in the current society and the chance to hopefully make a better future. – JRM ‘19

“So I would either go back to the ’20s—but not the ’20s in America, the ’20s in Europe, like in the UK—just because I like the idea of the early 1900s and the ending of the Victorian era in the UK, but also kind of getting some of the flapper scene and the jazzy scene. If not that, then just like several centuries in the future because I’m a science geek and I want to see if we’ve managed space travel yet, because I’m a physics major and I wanna see what’s going on. Like, have we terraformed Mars yet? Have we found life elsewhere? So that’s the other side of me. The artist is like early 1900s, flapper era, dancer, then the physicist is like future and sci-fi.” – Michelle Miller ‘18

“I was thinking the 1940s back in India because my grandparents went through the entire freedom struggle when they were kids and I’ve heard stories from them which sound terrifying. But it would be, I guess, more personal if I could see it.” – Surbhi Madan ‘17