shaking those post-finale blues

So you’ve just finished a book that shattered your heart and destroyed your soul. You’re still reeling from the plot twists, worried about the characters that the author has left in dire straits, and aghast because you have to wait another twelve months before the next book comes out. All you want to do is talk about the book—the plot, the world, the characters—but of course, no one else you know has read it. You could resign yourself to going about your life and pretending that the book you’ve read isn’t consuming your every waking thought, or you could face the fact that the book is consuming your every waking thought and spend way too much time looking through the blogs of people whose lives were similarly wrecked by said book.

Because the latter option is obviously the way to go, Tumblr is the answer to all your book-induced troubles.  A site where users can create their own blog, Tumblr is home to thousands of fan blogs that post all kinds of content—perfect for getting yourself out of an I-just-finished-the-best-book-what-do-I-do-with-my-life-now slump.

After reading a particularly brilliant book, I’m always left wanting more: more of the characters, more of the story. I usually just need the next book right then and there, and Tumblr fan blogs provide the next best thing—content about anything and everything else related to the book.  Beautiful typography of favorite quotes. Photosets that scream “aesthetic.” Fan art that brings the characters to life.

Tumblr fan blogs feature a lot of quality content. Posts range from in-depth analyses of plots and characters that make all your feelings resurface to incorrect quotes that are so accurate they could practically be canon. Adapting generic memes to fit a book’s plot and characters, fans make text posts and gifs that have you, even with your shattered heart, laughing. Book-inspired fan blogs are also a great way to get through the interim between publication dates, and they ensure that the story stays alive even after the series ends.

Fan blogs also keep followers up-to-date on all the latest news. Has the author just announced that she’s adding three more books to your favorite series? The fandom knows and probably has already made a dozen posts about it—complete with gifs and appropriate amounts of capital letters. Additionally, many fan blogs feature fan-made merchandise, spotlighting story-inspired bookmarks, jewelry, scented candles, and more.

Many authors have Tumblr blogs as well. They often reblog fan art and post snippets from their new works. Some even answer readers’ questions and share exclusive content like deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the final versions of their books.

Tumblr’s fan blogs cover an abundance of fandoms so they’re great for alleviating TV and movie-induced troubles as well. Just finished a movie with beautiful cinematography? Someone has probably already posted gifs of all the best scenes for your perusal, so you can re-experience the feels without having to re-watch the film. Waiting for the next episode—or worse, the next season—of a TV show? Fan blogs share enough new stills, casting news, and interviews to hold you over. Plus, gifs of the original content are often slowed down so that you can greater appreciate the actors’ expressions, or edited so that you can experience the aesthetic in new ways.

Because fan blogs are run by fans, for fans, the content reflects what other fans want to see. Spending time on Tumblr is a prime way to satisfy your feels, which lets you go about life without the book you just read, episode you just watched, or movie you just saw consuming your every waking thought. Well, at least until the next thing gets released.