Top 10 Dairy Products

  1. Obviously ice cream (not to be confused with its cousin, creamy ice)
  2. Infant powder formula
  3. Brie #fancyAF
  4. Almond milk (we see you and we support you, dairy-allergenic folks)
  5. Daiya (we also see you, people with nut and dairy allergies)
  6. Monster muenster cheese
  7. The moon
  8. Obviously cottage cheese because not only is it a delicious, healthy, and protein-filled breakfast option but also it is like a small house so you can experience all the joys of homeownership while eating it, homeownership reminiscent of Snow White, so similar that you would not be surprised should a band of dwarves saunter in, and of course it is cheese and thus must be amazing
  9. Puns (they’re cheesy)
  10. Greek yogurt—like a voyage to the mediterranean in every bite