Top Ten Reasons to be Cranky

  1. Your ramen noodles are a little too soggy.
  2. You are a crank inside a combustion engine.
  3. You are stuck behind slow walkers when you are late to class.
  4. There is a stain on the shirt you want to wear.
  5. Angela, the interviewer for your dream job, cancels your interview. This has absolutely nothing to do with the mixtape you mailed them “just to show you care.”
  6. It is raining outside.
  7. You got a job offer following an interview with your second-favorite company. Then, the job offer is rescinded. Apparently Angela likes to gab.
  8. Jo’s is out of regular flavored coconut water.
  9. Your 9 a.m. alarm.
  10. Alicia wrote the entire top 10.