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    Calligraphic Characters

    a listicle

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    The Tiny Notebook Person

    Tends to be shy and reserved, but is known for their creativity and artistic vision. Their writing is neat and easy to read, but can sometimes be so small that it strains the eyes of some readers. This is surprising, as many writers of this type wear glasses themselves. Notes, figures, ideas, sketches, even inspirational quotes—all of these make their way onto the pages of the Tiny Notebook Person’s notebook. Each sheet is presentable and aesthetically pleasing and could pass off as its own standalone design document. The Tiny Notebook Person is known for having long-lasting friendships and relationships. They can always be counted on for deep and meaningful midnight chats.

    The Sharpie Scribbler

    Writes with whatever device they can get their hands on. Tip of a crayon? No problem. Expo marker? Now that’s just easy! The Sharpie Scribbler does not particularly care for legibility—after all, their writing will probably not be read by anyone other than themselves, if even. While they are wary of bleed-through in their pages, they make no effort to avoid it. They have learned to shrug off all qualms in their writing and simply accept the consequences of their actions. Therefore, while both cardboard and toilet paper may ultimately get the job done for the Sharpie Scribbler, the former may be preferable because of its enhanced durability. Sharpie Scribblers are fun to be around, but they are not known for giving the best advice or making the best decisions. With them, you’re always in for an adventurous night.

    The Typographic Zombie

    Words appear on the page in an orderly and systematic manner. Every letter is perfectly aligned, as if the sheet were copied straight from a typewriter. The writer just mindlessly transcribes, and transcribes, and transcribes…Typographic Zombies have forgotten the importance of basic courtesy in their daily social interactions, choosing only to nod or grunt whenever possible. They will speak only when provoked.

    The Mega-Mathlete

    Aside from using their entire notebook for mathematical scratch-work, the Mega-Mathlete abuses symbols and shorthand notation even in text messages and everyday writing. Why write ‘for all’ when you can just write . One thing can be described as than another, and a part of something is just an of the whole. 2b ∨ ¬ 2b, i.e. the ?Writers of this kind are highly practical and logical. As a friend, they can be stoic but are known to give great advice. Many theoretical and applied mathematics concentrators fall into this category.

    The Cautious Conformist

    Lives in constant fear of overstepping their bounds. Each stroke feels like a violation of the thin sheet in front of them, so their writing is usually very delicate. The Cautious Conformist sharpens their pencil every few minutes, or replaces their pen well before it starts to dry out. They avoid the margins and lines of a sheet of paper at all costs. As a friend, they can be insecure and require extra attention and guidance.

    The Naïve Narcissist

    Hasn’t changed their handwriting since kindergarten. Only eats at the Ivy Room. The Naïve Narcissist thinks they are really, really cool, but in truth they just need to grow up. Where are all those economics concentrators at?

    The 21st Century Normie

    Hasn’t written anything down in so long that they’ve forgotten what it even feels like to do so. Doesn’t own a notebook, and while in class they take notes strictly on their laptop. Sometimes the laptop is used for other things as well. When left with no other choice, they are the first to unashamedly ask the person sitting next to them for a pen or pencil. Unsurprisingly, they study computer science. The drop-outs go to neuroscience or something like that.