• October 11, 2018 |


    meditations on modernity

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    I have been here fifty-three times
         since springtime
    I remember

    when the naïve baristas offered
         plastic cups for iced drinks
         only to watch them float beyond
         the caffeinated gates
         in the hands of summer swindlers

    when I signed up
         proudly declaring my career aspirations to be
         wine tasting animal husbandry
         do I know any languages?
         I laugh smugly
         but alas
         my multilingual education
         has not prepared me for the new vernacular
         java C++ python
         I am confronted by my illiteracy

    when I threw caution to the wind
         surrendered my email
         with the assurance that I
         am only useful in an aggregate
         O the anonymity of the crowd

    Behold! a long-STEM rose
    of anthropological contemplation
    a barrage of students searching for seats
    asking strangers
    is anyone sitting across from you?
         meet-cutes in the making

    will there ever be corporate sponsors?
    are we the conqueror
    or the conquered?
    have we submitted our will
    to the pull of the corporation
    or are we at last
    demanding compensation?

    it’s discourse, b*tch.