• November 16, 2018 |

    giving thanks

    (and serving tea)

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    Thank you to my phone alarm—without you, I quite literally would not be here.

    Thank you to the SciLi; at first you were intimidating, then dreary, then stressful, but slowly and surely, you’ve become home.

    Thank you, Hillel—you ease my mother’s heart when I lie and tell her I go to you.

    Thank you, Blueno’s lamp, for being a dependable, albeit slightly unsettling source of light on cold, dark winter nights. You light up my world like nobody else.

    Thank you to all the BUDS workers serving dinner for students staying on campus during the holidays. We love and appreciate you!

    Thank you to the Jo’s workers who always give me extra fries, as long as I ask.

    Thank you to the young man standing beside the Sharpe Refectory pickle jar last Tuesday; you saw I wanted a pickle, and you reached in and handed me one.

    Thank you, Ratty plantains, for being the underrated star of all dining hall options.
    Thank you, Walt Whitman, the greatest ‘Murican poet!

    Thank you, Twenty One Pilots, for creating quality existential music for my life.

    Thank you to every friend who has stayed with me this long and every friend that has left, too.

    Thank you to my roommate for shushing yourself when you close the door too loudly after stumbling home drunk at 2 a.m.

    Thank you, Kathy. You know what you did.

    Thank you to my toaster oven for being the only piece of kitchen equipment I need.

    Thank you, Thanksgiving, for giving me time to study my French. Bone apple teeth!

    Thank you, Providence rainstorms, for consistently destroying every umbrella on campus.

    Thank you to the Great British Bake Off for helping me procrastinate and dream of dampfnudels.

    Thank you, November, for making it (finally!) socially acceptable to play non-stop holiday music—because this is exactly what I plan to do.

    Thank you to my shower flip-flops for protecting me from other people’s hair and other rank substances.

    Thank you to the construction on Thayer for giving me even less of a reason to look both ways before crossing the street.

    ~“Shout out to my ex, you’re really quite the man,
    You made my heart break and that made me who I am.”~

    Thank you, Ex, for setting the bar so damn low.

    Thank you, FedEx, for being more reliable than my ex.

    Thank you to the person who wrote me a BBA and never followed up on it.

    Thank you to all the cute boys who have swiped right and stroked my ego.

    Thank you, social awkwardness, for ruining every encounter I’ve ever had with a cute boy.

    Thank you, God, for making me a cute boy though I don’t understand why people keep running away from me????

    Thank you, cute boys, for being aesthetically pleasing, even if none of you know how to flirt.

    Thank you to the boy sitting in the window of Shiru. It was a Wednesday afternoon when I first saw you. You were wearing a red cap and the steam from your hot chocolate fogged up your black-rimmed glasses. I tripped on the uneven sidewalk outside, and you looked up at me with bright, coffee-colored eyes. You mouthed something, but I could not tell what you said. Did you say, “I love you”? I wanted to tell you I loved you. I wasn’t sure why. I saw you again a few days later. You were still wearing a red cap.

    “Thank u, next.”