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    Mash-Ups of Songs With the Same Names That Shouldn't Exist

    article by kahini mehta

    … and how long I could listen to them for (each of them is roughly 2 minutes long.)
    Nickelback x Miley Cyrus (or Hannah Montana… idk)
    They say Hannah went off the rails, but they ain’t seen nothing yet.
    HOW LONG DID I LAST? The whole 2 minutes. It was one of the first few I made.
    David Bowie x 2Pac
    Two classics that are great by themselves- and strangely, not that bad together. Or maybe I was just desensitised, because it was the ninth mash-up I’d made.
    HOW LONG DID I LAST? Ashamed to admit it, but the whole 2 minutes.
    3.Rude Boy
    Rihanna x Bob Marley
    Exactly as horrible as it sounds.
    HOW LONG DID I LAST? 2 minutes, but only because I was horrified into   paralysis.

    1. Crazy

    Seal x Aerosmith
    Chaotic evil. Absolutely terrifying. Some might even say… crazy.
    HOW LONG DID I LAST? 1.48 minutes. I almost made it, but not quite. It was just too much.

    1. Let it Go

    James Bay x Idina Menzel
    Starts out pretty nice. Gets pretty confusing somewhere around 0:35.
    HOW LONG DID I LAST? 1 minute exactly. I got weaker as time passed, I guess…

    1. Somebody to Love

    Queen x Justin Bieber
    Noise. Just noise.
    HOW LONG DID I LAST? 58 seconds. I just couldn’t power through after a certain point.
    Ed Sheeran x Nickelback
    The last time I was this confused, I was touring Brown as a freshman and saw Blueno for the first time.
    HOW LONG DID I LAST? 38 seconds. If you click the link, you’ll get it.
    8.California Girls
    The Beach Boys x Katy Perry
    I noped the f@#$ out of this one pretty fast.
    HOW LONG DID I LAST? 27 seconds. 27 seconds of my life I will never get back…
    Evanescence x Nirvana
    Starts out all wrong. I thought the songs would make sense together, since I heard both in my angsty phase, but evidently not…
    HOW LONG DID I LAST? 14 seconds. Not going to lie. They pitched Cobain’s vocals and the disrespect was just too much.

    1. This one’s a surprise…

    I’ll let you figure it out ;)
    HOW LONG DID I LAST? I lasted 69 seconds.