• December 6, 2018 |

    fall favorites

    a semester’s worth of moments

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    A sunny Sunday—a morning in India Point Park, an afternoon kicking around a soccer ball, and an evening full of music and conversation.

    A late-night-turned-early-morning conversation more fun than the party we went to earlier that evening.

    Bingeing all of The Good Place Season 1 in a single day with my roommate while we downed hot chocolate and pumpkin bars. Watching her reaction to the finale was the cherry on top.

    Delicious lunch dates downtown: Sweet potato tea lattes and pumpkin ravioli can change your life.

    Tea time in my best friend’s bed.

    Friday afternoon Tealuxe sessions—drink tea while spilling tea.

    First 1:00 a.m. Jo’s run after three years of being at Brown. Hung around a table of friends and ate mozzarella sticks and onion rings. First spicy with too!

    Running around Machado in flip-flops to catch the Uber Eats driver because my drunk friends couldn’t set the pick-up location properly—the lengths we go to for our inebriated buddies.

    Skipping section to get ice cream and walk around with a friend on the Last Warm Day of the Semester (there’s been about seven; my prediction is wrong every time).

    Lurking around the Gano Street Dunkin’ Donuts at midnight in hopes of finding the mythical trash donuts. Getting chased away from the dumpster of said Dunkin’ Donuts and taking a picture with friends inside a bulldozer attachment instead.

    Going to New York with some friends just to be tourists in a Russian neighborhood. Buying a book of Soviet product posters and eating walnut cookies and mystery candies on the train home.

    Early morning breakfasts with my roommate (2-for-$3 muffin special at Louie’s or Shiru Cafe right as it opens).

    Finally feeling comfortable skipping parties just to watch TV with my roommates on a Friday night.

    Making pancakes and bacon for some friends on Sunday morning and catching up.

    Sitting in the Brown Daily Herald office during prod night, munching on addictive CVS cheddar popcorn and birthday cake Oreos, editing wonderful pieces of writing.

    Skipping down Thayer in onesies while belting out Shakira, purposefully ignoring the strange looks exchanged by passerbys.

    It doesn’t matter how old we get, how much we hurt, how hard life can seem in the present—the first snow of the year turns everyone back to children again.

    Missing the entire first snow of the year due to prod night. Worth it, since I got to walk home in the snow at 3 a.m. before there were any footsteps.

    Two-hour Ratty dinners.

    Returning to CVS after leaving my debit card in the self-pay machine for over four hours. It was still there!

    Granola bowls every weekend.

    Doing it for the debrief!

    Cozy weekend nights with friends huddled around a laptop, screaming at rom-com characters to make better decisions in their lives.

    Midnight music in many forms.

    Long, meandering walks through Providence to admire the autumn leaves.

    Stealing hundreds of tiny Lactaid milks from the Ratty freezer. I think I’m the reason they stopped putting them out?

    Hearing my esteemed and brilliant professor mispronounce Thoreau as “Thorough.”

    Hotpot with my cousin, who’d flown in to tour a nearby university, at Yan’s. We talked about what it meant to be Hmong-American and what we hoped to get out of university, he an incoming freshman and I a junior. We burned our mouths on half-cooked rice noodles and fried tofu.