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    Lil Pump’s Harverd Dropout: The SoundCloud sensation celebrates turning 18 by ceding creative control of his second album to a boardroom full of middle-aged white men, former Tosh.0 gag writers, and Quavo.

    Beirut’s Gallipoli: After four albums spent mining the lush textures of Balkan folk music, Zach Condon has dedicated himself to unearthing the latent romantic potential of trap rap. It does not bang.

    Deerhunter’s Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?: And, sometimes, you just own yourself in the album title. Go away, indie rock.

    Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next: This is good, but Ariana Grande depicts her romantic life as a frighteningly vivid Hieronymus Bosch hellscape, and there’s no world in which any of the theoretical straight males listening to this album would break up with their girlfriends to chill with her, right?

    People are sleeping on the Your Name soundtrack, just saying.



    The upcoming Detective Pikachu trailers have fans wondering if technology has gone too far. Pikachu is basically Deadpool shoved in a tiny rat body, and the hyper-realistically rendered Mewtwo & Lickitung are the stuff of nightmares.

    The Pixar animated short film directed by Domee Shi, Bao, was a beautifully crafted masterpiece surrounding the relationship between a Chinese mother and her son (the bao). While some audiences seemed to misunderstand the film, this did not stop Bao from scoring the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film this year.



    Roswell, New Mexico is the perfect mix of vaguely trashy and surprisingly substantive television. Following the daughter of undocumented immigrants, the show makes the occasional thought-provoking statement about class or race, or a clever jibe against our current political climate. All the while, the main character is dealing with the revelation that her sister was murdered by a literal alien, who may or may not be her high-school crush, and you’ll think he’s a bad actor until he says something like, “I have loved you my entire life,” and you’re like, oh. Hm. Compelling.



    American-Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang offers an insider’s perspective on what it means to grow up as a Chinese immigrant in America. The graphic novel pieces together ancient Chinese mythological heroes and contemporary Asian gangsters, high-school sweethearts and wannabe jocks, and even Buddhist monks with traditional clean-shaven heads with the trendiest Asian afros. If it sounds like an achronological hodgepodge, that’s because it is. And it works!

    The women in Marjane Satrapi’s Embroideries share intergenerational family wisdom about love, sex, and marriage through conversations over tea time, gossip, and scandalous escapades from their youth. Watch the lives of these Iranian women come alive through their witty, eccentric, but nonetheless down-to-earth recollections.



    Since Shake Shack insists on holding out on us while it undergoes its seemingly unending construction, it’s only right we direct your burger cravings to another stellar spot for now. Harry’s Bar and Burger is an unassuming little joint on North Main Street, but don’t let its simplistic facade fool you. The bar serves two sliders with each order (but gives you the option to ask for a third—and trust me, you will want a third). While limited in the toppings you can choose from, each slider is guaranteed a patty just crispy enough on the outside for you to be pleasantly surprised with the juiciness of each bite. And sliders are half off during happy hour every day from 3 to 5 p.m., a blessing and a bargain for all you burger lovers.

    Double Chin in Boston’s Chinatown may give you a double chin, but you’ll be happy about it because the food is like everything you could want when you’re high. Not that I would know. But pineapple bun sandwiches with pork katsu? HK-style french toast? Mapo tofu nachos? Can I get one of everything, please?



    On the runway, during the Gucci 2018 Fall/Winter Show, a white model walked the walk wearing a black turtleneck. Except, it wasn’t not your ordinary, high-end black turtleneck. This one covered half the face and presented a pair of thick red lips. This adds to the growing list of controversial, racialized clothing in the fashion industry that continues to exist despite rightful public outrage.



    Optimal Living Daily can be the perfect motivational pep talk during your morning routine or the reassuring voice that lulls you to sleep. Regardless of when you listen to it, you’re bound to wonder if you should finally make that commitment to minimalism or drop out to travel the world with only $100 in cash.



    The Museum of Modern Art recently concluded an exhibit titled “Disappearing Acts,” which features the work of American artist Bruce Nauman, whose repertoire includes a strange mix of Instagrammable neon lights and unsettling coffin live feeds.