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    5 reasons we love andrews

    happy fifth birthday to our favorite dining hall

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    Andrews Commons recently celebrated its fifth birthday! Even if you missed out on the free cake, here’s a list of reasons why we love Andrews:

    1. The Food (duh): Orientation week was probably the last time you were genuinely impressed by the Ratty (ah, to be young and naive again). Little did you know, your life would dramatically changed when you walked into Andrews Commons—suddenly, you knew exactly why your tour guide seemed so oddly enthusiastic about it. You were probably dumbfounded the first time you saw the pasta line wrapped all the way to the other side of the building, and if you were fortunate enough to live around Pembroke, Andrews pizza and wok were probably your go-to meals.  

    Live footage of Brown students spotted eating at Andrews, 2019, colorized.

    (Quick aside: Props to the soda machine. Never in my life have I witnessed such mind-blowingly advanced technology.)

    1. Millennial Decor (the way it was meant to be!): This is clearly the best-looking dining hall. Admittedly, there isn’t much competition given the sticky V-Dub tables, the ’80s-style-Southern-diner decor at Jo’s, and whatever prison the Ratty is trying to emulate.

    From the high chairs where you’ve had countless exciting conversations, to the lounge chairs you’ve dozed off on after especially filling meals, to the cozy study rooms where you did everything except actually study—Andrews is where it all happened.  

    To whoever walked into the study room after us, I promise we weren’t planning Rhode Island’s complete annihilation; we were just studying for a geography class.

    1. That Wobbly Table: As luck would have it, I’ve gotten this table almost every single time I’ve eaten at Andrews. You know the one I’m talking about. This table isn’t your garden-variety wobbly table. No, this table takes wobbly to a whole new level—it even makes the Brown wifi look stable.

    Why is this something to appreciate, you ask? Well, come end of freshman year, I had mastered force-balancing in a way physics just cannot teach, and that’s a talent that’s definitely going on my resume…even if CareerLAB insists it’s not a real skill.

    Is that an impressive resume or what?!

    1. The Breakfast Burrito: We all have our kryptonite, that one thing we’d be willing to sacrifice sleep for, walk through inches of snow for, wait in queue for aeons for. Maybe you have nobler pursuits in life, but the Andrews Breakfast Burrito is it for me. Unfortunately, judging by the number of people I see in line every week, this is true for a lot of people.

    The Andrews burrito line, 2019, colorized.

    Oh, you like the yogurt bowl? Yeah, that’s good, too.

    I guess.  

    1. The Spotify playlist: The music at Andrews is always top-notch. When you’re waiting in that long-ass pasta line or the burrito queue, you’ll often question what to do for the next hour. But then when you find yourself in times of trouble, Father Andrews comes to you, singing words of wisdom…

    Uh…it turns out few things rhyme with let it be. *sigh*

    Check the playlist out here: https://open.spotify.com/user/andrewscommons?si=n7tKjV5lRpOBp1rKImhbdQ