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    Well, folks, somehow the semester is already half over and spring break has sprung upon us! Of course, this gives me yet another opportunity to impose my music on you. Without further ado, here’s a somewhat angsty playlist of songs for every single moment of your break, with a few minor tweaks to the lyrics you know and love.

    Last Midterm Before Spring Break: At this point, you don’t know what to feel. Your mind and soul are already miles away from your corporeal form—lounging on sandy beaches and basking in the absence of work. Still, you’re using your last three brain cells to complete the most difficult midterm of your college career. In theory, you realize that this should probably affect you in some sense, but at this point you literally don’t have two f*cks to give—you just want to be on break.

    Losing Sleep (Altameda):


    Wake up on the SciLi floor in the seventh hour

    Every little part of me drowns

    Climb up to the top of the water tower…

    ….I’ve found a reason to stay alive

    And I’ve been losing sleep for so long now

    While every part of me drowns



    Last Day Of Classes: To be fair, the relatability of this song is contingent on what kind of student you are and if you managed to get out of bed and actually go to class, even though everyone else had already left.

    School’s Out (Alice Cooper):


    No more pencils no more books

    No more teacher’s dirty looks yeah

    Well we got no class

    And we got no principals

    And we got no innocence

    We can’t even think of a word that rhymes

    School’s out for summer (It’s closer than you think!)

    School’s out forever (I mean, if attendance isn’t mandatory…)

    Spring Break Day 1: You’ve finally made it! It’s time to indulge in every college spring break stereotype! Yeah, you have a sh*t ton of homework your professor assigned. Sure, you also have a really important paper due. And…if we’re being completely honest…there are several last chance to save your grade midterms coming up next week. But forget all of that—YOU HAVE AN ENTIRE WEEK OF BREAK!!!! Surely you can spare just one day to yourself. After all, you deserve it. It’s time for some pure unabashed debauchery.  

    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett):


    I don’t give a damn ’bout my reputation

    You’re living in the past, it’s a new generation

    A girl can do what she wants to do and that’s

    What I’m gonna do

    An’ I don’t give a damn ’bout my bad reputation

    Oh no not me

    Spring Break Day 5: …Oh…you actually thought you could limit yourself to one day? LOL! BUT, don’t worry, you still have the weekend! Not to mention the fact that once you get back on campus in a few days, you’ll undoubtedly “get in the groove,” and all the work you’ve put off will practically complete itself! These last few moments must be enjoyed as a loving goodbye to the best week of the spring semester.

    Saturday Night (Jersey):


    We’ll go to the bottom of every bottle

    The end of the line on every story

    Those times we miss, those times we reminisce

    Those were the good old days

    I hold in heart and cherish. Never forget

    Alternatively: Spring Break Day 1-5 for People Staying On Campus: Finally! Your roommates are gone, and it’s time to air guitar the sh*t out of that song your roommates hate, but you love. You want to know what else you can do during break? The possibilities are absolutely endless. Netflix? Run for public office? Actually be productive? Plot the destruction of the universe? Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out.

    Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol) :


    On the floors of Young-O

    A-down in London town’s a go go

    A-with the record selection,

    And the mirror’s reflection,

    I’m a dancin’ with myself

    A-when there’s no one else in sight,

    A-in crowded lonely night

    Well, I wait so long for my love vibration

    And I’m dancing with myself

    Writing a Paper That’s Due Tomorrow: Let’s recap: you slept through the entirety of the first day of class and now, you only have four hours to write a paper that’s worth 20% of your grade—it’s BS time! Even though you may have resisted the undeniable truth at first, you knew that this was going to happen in the end. No worries though, you can just make up for it during finals. Preliminary statistical analysis shows that all you need is a 124%!

    Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin):


    I don’t know what it is that I read about you

    But I forgot it all

    Communication breakdown

    It’s always the same

    I’m having a nervous breakdown

    Drive me insane!

    First Day Of Class (You Attend) After Break:
    Miraculously, you managed to finish writing your paper. The fact that it was the worst paper written in human history is, on the cosmic scale, small potatoes. However, in the pursuit of responsibly completing your assignment, you unfortunately pulled an all-nighter on the 13th floor of the SciLi, aka where dreams go to die. There goes every last manifestation of energy and positivity you managed to gain over the last week. You look at the clock and—OH F*CK! YOU HAVE CLASS IN TEN MINUTES!

    I’d Rather Be Sleeping (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles):


    From sun-up to sundown

    Decisions make my head spin ‘round (PSA: concentration declarations are due April 1st!)

    Make me drunk, sick, and tired

    Keep me up ’till I retire

    And while I could be out bar hopping

    …But, I’d rather be sleeping

    In my bed, crashed out

    A slice of death, wrapped up

    All in wool, passed out

    Hell Week Midterm #1: You don’t need me to contextualize this. MIDTERMS AFTER BREAK SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.

    Paranoid (Black Sabbath):


    People think I’m insane because I am frowning all the time

    All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy

    Think I’ll lose my mind if I don’t find something to pacify

    Can you help me, occupy my brain?

    Of course, one midterm is far too few so…

    Hell Week Midterm #LOSTCOUNT:  

    Enough (Shelter):


    I thought you were the one I loved

    I thought you were my freedom you were my drug

    I thought the more of you the more relief

    But when it was supposed to be perfect I just got more grief


    Well…on the bright side, there are only four weeks to finals!


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