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    Located right off Hope and Waterman Street, Minden offers close proximity to almost everything, while being just far enough away from the chaos of Thayer Street.

    “Formerly a hotel, Minden Hall is a coveted pick for housing. What Minden lacks in renovations, it makes up for with incredibly spacious singles, triples, and double-bathroom quads.”

    Closest dining hall: The Ratty/The Ivy Room

    Distance from Ratty: four minutes 
    Number of rooms: Roughly 100


    Room number: 412 (Quad)

    Other rooms vary

    Estimated average size of triples/doubles: 300 square feet

    Singles: 180 square feet (for the singles in suites, 150 square feet for standalone singles)


    Furniture included (varies between rooms):

    Standard dorm room furniture

    Storage: cupboards, no closets, drawers under bed, mini bookshelf.



    Awesome location

    Recently renovated so there is complete elevator access

    Private bathrooms


    Great views from the top floors



    Relatively far from most dining halls

    The building is really old so leaks and plumbing problems are common

    Very poor heat control

    This is one of the few dorms that is not exclusively for sophomores so getting singles is harder


    How likely are you to get it?  You must be on the first page, especially for the upper floors.


    Conclusion: This one is highly sought after, especially the quads and singles.

    Keep your fingers crossed! (Unless you’re not on the first pagethen don’t bother.)

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