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    top ten places to spend the first week of spring

    other than spring weekend

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    You’ve finally made it! It’s not snowing outside, you’re down to just five layers (as opposed to your usual 10), and you can feel the electrifying warmth you didn’t even think you could remember anymore. It’s truly gorgeous outside, and you want to soak it all in! As someone who comes from a place where spring is but a myth, I have taken it upon myself to find the perfect places on and around campus to enjoy every—admittedly fleeting—moment of good weather that Providence has to offer. Here’s a list of 10 places to spend spring!

    1. The Main Green: So you remember that booklet you got after you were admitted to Brown? The one with all the pictures of really happy people wearing clothes that seemed far too summery for Providence? The one where they’re all sitting in circles around the Main Green, just smiling? Sure, Brown sold you that blatant lie, but this is your week-long window to live that good life.


    This one. Oh-so-deceptive.

    The Main Green is undeniably pretty, for at least a few weeks each year, and we’re finally living that reality. Pull out the hammock that’s probably been buried under a pile of winter coats, find that tube of sunscreen you bought before coming to Brownafter being deceived by the admissions booklet, of course. But don’t be surprised if just about everyone else on campus has had the same exact idea as you do.

    Super pretty, but whoa! That’s a lot of people.

            2. The Quiet Green: In need of some sun and some quiet?…I wonder where you could go…It’s not like there’s an entire green on campus that is…well…quiet.

    Oh, wait! There is!

    The Quiet Green is the perfect place for your weekend spring retreat from whatever indoor fortress you’d fallen hostage to because of the crippling cold. This luscious green is a peaceful alternative to the chaos of the Main Green, with copious amounts of shade from the many trees. You can even stare at the Van Wickle Gates and imagine what it’ll be like to graduate.


                  3. Pembroke: Pembroke is without a doubt one of the prettiest parts of campus, year-round. I mean, just look at Andrews —it’s so pretty. All the spring sunlight can do is accentuate this great pocket of campus.

    People always seem to forget this quiet, pretty little garden tucked away on Pembroke!

                      4. The Leung Gallery: Do you want to enjoy all the brightness and warmth of spring but within the comfort of the indoors? Well, look no farther than what I will humbly refer to as the greatest place on Earth (I’ve developed strong feelings for this place this semester). The gallery lets in all the light your soul has been deprived of over the past few months as you lounge in the comfort of plush sofas. Like a true homebody, you peer out the large windows while sipping on your overpriced latte, and that’s all you need to fulfill your spring desires.

    Now this is my definition of celebrating spring!

    Oh, and as things start heating up, you can also flex on everyone who insisted that “you can’t truly enjoy spring from the indoors” by taking advantage of the comfort of air conditioning.

    So bright, so pretty!

                 5. The SciLi Basement: This one is for those of us who aren’t really “spring people”—the ones who bask in the darkness and find that natural light hurts your dark, dead soul. Needless to say, no one I know is celebrating spring in there.

                6. Ruth Simmons: Looking for a quieter alternative to the way overcrowded Main Green? Looking to absorb as much Blueno as you can before he leaves? This is the perfect quad to bask in those solar photons in peace. The trees are also the perfect place to set up a hammock!

               7.  Prospect Terrace: So eventually you’re gonna get really sick of campus and are going to feel the need to “explore what Providence has to offer.” So you’ll walk “really far” all the way to “almost RISD.” But this place, no joke, is truly amazing—offering a great view of the skyline while being tucked away in the quiet, residential part of College Hill, this is the perfect place to watch the sunset as the semester comes to a close.

    (FYI, I’d like to take full credit for these pictures!)

                8. In front of Granoff: No invitations required for this one! 

    This was admittedly a better spot last year when there was no construction, but it still holds its ground. The steps in front of Granoff were definitely intended for those who enjoy the feeling of grass under their fingertips and using study time to develop a tan. What’s more, the cool glass walls of the Granoff (which you probably never enter because you didn’t get into that cool music class) provide the perfect mirror to check your hair before you start posting those springtime Instagram stories.

              9. The Geo-Chem Rocks: Need some time away from the SciLi, while still being within its shadows?

    Do you like really cool rocks like granite?

    If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, this is the place for you! Sit next to/against/on top of, (let me reiterate this), some really cool Rhode Island granite, while soaking in the warmth of the sun that you’ll eventually lose again when you re-enter the abyss that is the SciLi. This is the perfect place to rest for a while. Sit on the rocks. Play some frisbee! Cry about the third Orgo midterm! The possibilities are endless. (If you make it at the right time, you might even run into some dogs!)


              10. “The Walk” (The Green between Angell and Waterman Street): As someone who had to walk to all my classes from Pembroke last year (and as someone who is mortally afraid of people), this walk is terror-inducing, especially during the spring. Suddenly there are not only tinfoil people in a circle, but real people, too! But this is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy the sunshine, given the lack of trees and no large buildings in the way. So if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, this is the place to be.

    (Okay, maybe sit on the green, and let the tinfoil people live in peace.)