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    not that bad, honestly

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    Located at 154 Power Street, Perkins is quite a walk from most things. Ideal for musicians, though—it’s right opposite the Orwig Music Library!

    “Wouldn’t have been my first choice—but honestly, I’ve grown to love it.”


    Closest dining hall: Jo’s

    Distance from Ratty: seven minutes

    Number of rooms: Roughly 120

    Room number: 119

    Other rooms vary: mostly doubles, the occasional single

    There are four bathrooms on each floor, with four sinks, two showers, and two toilets. The only exception is the first floor, which only has private bathrooms.


    Estimated average size of triples/doubles: 190 square feet


    Furniture included (varies between rooms):

    Standard dorm room furniture

    Storage: cupboards, drawers under desk



    Huge windows in every room

    No street noise

    Nice kitchens on each floor

    Lots of bathrooms

    Lounge on the first floor



    Far from most of campus

    Small rooms

    Thin walls

    Bottom of the hill

    No gym


    How likely are you to get it?  It’s typically a last resort, so if you actually want it—pretty likely.

    Conclusion: This one comes with a high sense of community through shared suffering. In other words, it’s underrated.