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    Tucked between Ruth Simmons Quad and Thayer Street, Caswell Hall is indisputably one of the best locations on campus. Mere minutes from the Ratty, the Main Green, and the SciLi, you won’t ever need to worry about being late to your classes. The rooms are fairly spacious, the windows are large (providing lots of natural light), and all rooms have personal closets.


    Closest Dining Hall: The Ratty/The Ivy Room

    Distance From the Ratty: 1-2 minutes

    Number of rooms: 48

    Room types: Caswell is all doubles, but the doubles vary significantly from room to room. Some lucky corner rooms have personal bathrooms, and some have huge closets. Unfortunately, some have neither. 

    Average size of doubles: Anywhere from 190 sq.ft. to 250 sq.ft. 

    Bathrooms: Communal, ~180 sq. ft. 

                           Personal, ~50 sq.ft. 



    Prime location 

    Spacious rooms

    Some private bathrooms

    Large basement with kitchen

    All rooms have closets

    Some doubles have large walk-in closets

    Bricked-up fireplaces add to the charm



    Right in the center of campus chaos

    No elevator access

    Weekend nights bring about a noisy basement full of random people


    How likely are you to get it? 

    Caswell is often among the first options to go; you need to be on at least page two of the housing lottery. 


    Conclusion: This is a popular choice and can be hard to get.  

    Keep your fingers crossed!


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