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    “Where do you live on campus?” 

    “Oh, I live in Littlefield Hall.”

    “Hm, where is that?”


    Once you overcome the inevitable explanation that Littlefield Hall is indeed a housing entity on campus, you’ll realize this dorm actually has a lot going for it. Located at 102 George Street, it serves primarily as sophomore housing, with a few juniors and transfer students thrown into the mix. It’s also the home to many RISD Dual Degree students. Littlefield is located directly off the Main Green and is only a crosswalk away from the Ratty. With fairly spacious rooms and a prime location in the center of campus, what more could you want from a dorm? (The bathrooms could use updates, and a paint job is well overdue, but…) 

    Closest Dining Hall: The Ratty/The Ivy Room

    Distance from the Ratty: 1-2 minutes

    Number of rooms: 36

    Room types: Littlefield is primarily doubles, but the size of each room varies drastically. Nevertheless, even the rooms next to the bathroom, which are a little smaller in square footage, are pretty spacious. 

    Each floor has a communal male and female bathroom, each with two toilets and two showers. There is a common room on each floor, with the first floor’s space doubling as a communal kitchen. 

    Average size of doubles: Anywhere from 179 sq. ft. to 258 sq. ft.

    Bathrooms: Communal, 100 sq. ft. (and the showers show it) 



    Prime location directly off of the Main Green, across from the Ratty, and minutes away from Thayer Street.

    Spacious rooms.

    All rooms have closets.

    Smaller dorm fosters a nice sense of community.

    Common rooms on every floor.

    You get to brag you lived in the same dorm as Emma Watson (this is honestly the only reason you need to live here). 



    Laundry room only has two washers for the whole building. 

    The basement is a little spooky.

    Construction directly next door, which can begin at the ungodly hour of 7:00am.

    Noise from events on Ruth Simmons Quad (I’m looking at you, ANOCH).

    Bathrooms feel especially small when you’re taking a shower.

    No elevator access.

    It has not been painted in a while (I only add this to the list because my dad shuddered the moment he entered my room when he saw the peeling walls and ceiling. He still brings it up during every phone conversation). 


    How likely are you to get it? Not the hottest spot on campus, so Littlefield is a good target dorm for sophomores. 


    Conclusion: Littlefield truly is a hidden gem. While not everyone’s first choice, it certainly is not a bad deal, so don’t knock it off your list. 

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