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    truly not the worst

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    Located all the way at the edge of campus at the corner of Thayer Street and Charlesfield Street, Grad Center is often the eventual home of those who find themselves at the bottom of what I will call the PDF of fate. 


    While the prison-like four towers are the butt of many a ResLife joke, Grad Center is truly not the worst. The dorm is an especially popular option for those looking for a single. And most singles in Grad Center are part of suites with private kitchens and personal bathrooms. Proximity to the GCB and Bear’s Lair is an added bonus! 

    Closest dining hall: Jo’s 

    Distance from Ratty: Three minutes  

    Number of rooms: Four towers with six floors each; approximately 20 singles per floor 

    Types of Rooms: Suites with singles and standalone singles 

    Estimated average size of singles: 120 square feet

    Furniture included (varies between rooms): Standard dorm room furniture

    Storage: Cupboards, closets, drawers under the bed, and mini bookshelves

    Kitchen: Standard kitchen appliances, some storage shelves, and cupboards



    All rooms are singles and are relatively spacious. 

    It’s near the GCB and Bear’s Lair Gym/ Grad Center E lounge.

    The suites come with private bathrooms and kitchens. 

    There’s a great view from the top floors.

    Large windows!



    The walls and doors are thin.

    It has a confusing building layout. 

    The towers are only linked through the third-floor walkway.


    Rooms get humid in the short warm season, and the walls often sweat.

    The kitchens are pretty small and the provided appliances are quite old. 



    How likely are you to get a room in Grad Center? If you are pining after a single and have a good lottery number you’re likely to get it—although for most Grad Center is more of a last resort option/where people get placed during summer assignment. 


    Conclusion: We’re sorry, but hey, it’s not that bad! Plus, with the single you can air guitar to whatever song you like (if your neighbors are playing it).



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