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    ’tis the season to drink coffee

    starbucks holiday coffee cup designs, ranked

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    ‘Tis the season to drink coffee. At least that is what Starbucks wants you to believe with the recent release of their 2019 holiday-themed cups. 

    Overall, I really enjoy this year’s designs. They have a festive feel, incorporating Starbucks’s signature white and green, which is typically abandoned during this time, alongside their seasonal red. I sighed in relief when these patterned designs debuted, especially when remembering the infamous plain red cup of 2015. Of the four designs this season, admittedly I already have a favorite (which I have yet to receive in person, despite sipping my fair share of Toasted White Chocolate Mochas this week), with the other patterns not being my personal cup of tea. 

    #4: “Merry Coffee” – White Base with Red and Green Block Lettering

    Maybe it is the word choice, maybe it’s the fact that between the tilted design and a quasi-3D effect, I get a headache when looking at this cup; whatever the reason, this cup comes in last place this season. A white base topped with red and green lettering, this cup provides a nice twist to the classic Starbucks aesthetic. While the letters’ color choice hits the holiday season schematic, I feel underwhelmed when looking at this design. 

    #3: Starbucks Scramble On Top of Candy Cane Stripes

    Starbucks’s cups are iconic without having to mention its name. Thus, the scrambled, bold block letters spelling “Starbucks” on this cup move this design down in its ranking. I appreciate the candy cane striped background, which subtly denotes the holiday season, and perhaps this should have been the final design. Nevertheless, I will still happily enjoy my hot holiday drink if this cup graces my shivering hands. 

    #2: Green Polka Dots on Top of Red Base

    This cup instantly reminds me of wrapping paper, which immediately puts me in a gift-giving mood. This design does a great job of incorporating Starbucks’s signature logo in a way that elevates the overall pattern. Starbucks’s beloved mermaid fills every few green dots; blink and you’ll miss it upon first glance, but it’s a nice Easter egg for close readers. Overall, this design was a very close second as I appreciated its ingenuity in terms of incorporating Starbucks’s signature look in an appropriate winter-themed way. 

    #1: Green Base with Subtle, Small White Lettering 

    A monochromatic color scheme truly is the way to my heart. Simple yet complex, this cup removes the traditional festive red altogether, securing it the top spot on this list. This color scheme perfectly complements Starbucks’s green and white logo. Its design feels different enough from Starbucks’s typical white base without screaming Christmas (we are still in November after all). Therefore, this cup provides a nice transition into the holiday season by utilizing beloved colors without being too flashy, a refreshing take on this holiday tradition. 

    Whether you are a classic green tea drinker or love getting into the holiday spirit with a Peppermint Mocha, these Starbucks cups are here to stay this holiday season. No matter what design you drink from, it is sure to be a freezing winter here in Providence.  Start making a list of your favorite hot beverages now so Santa knows what to get you this season!