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    not the best, not the worst

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    Got screwed over in the lottery? Looking to prolong your freshman Pembroke experience? Look no further—New Pembroke is the dorm for you! New Pembroke is a prime example of the best and worst things that North Campus has to offer. The rooms aren’t the largest, the walls are paper thin, and every door in the building squeaks louder than any door ever should. However, with the V-Dub and Andrews Commons right around the corner and the Nelson just down the street, New Pembroke really isn’t the worst place you could consider for sophomore year living!


    Closest Dining Hall: The V-Dub & Andrews.

    Distance From the Ratty: 7-10 mins. 


    Number of rooms: ~20 doubles per floor in New Pembroke 4 

                                       ~13 doubles per floor in New Pembroke 1,2, and 3 

    Other rooms: doubles and singles. 

    Estimated average size of doubles: 190-200 sq.ft. 

    Singles: 100-120 sq. ft. 

    Bathrooms: all communal baths, each 37 sq.ft 






    How likely are you to get it? Pretty likely. This, along with Grad Center, are usually bottom picks. 


    Conclusion: Not the best dorm by a long shot, but really not the worst. 

    photos taken by Michelle Liu and Summer Dai

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