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    Located in between Patriot’s Court and Thayer Street, Chapin is one of the program houses that also has a handful of rooms up for grabs in the lottery. Chapin is home to the Theta Alpha fraternity and is centrally located but quieter. Chapin offers doubles, some singles, and the occasional spacious suite.

    Closest Dining Hall: The Ratty/The Ivy Room & Jo’s
    Distance From the Ratty: one minute

    Room 207:

    Panorama of a Chapin double.

    Other rooms: singles, doubles, and some suites
    Estimated average size of doubles: 220-250 sq. ft.
    Singles: 120-130 sq. ft.
    Bathrooms (communal): 240 sq. ft.
    Furniture included :
    Standard dorm room furniture
    Personal closets, dressers, mini bookshelf for storage




    How likely are you to get it?
    Pretty likely. You’d need to be somewhere in the middle of the list.

    This one is a great option if you weren’t so lucky in the lottery but are fortunate enough to not be all the way at the bottom.


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