• February 13, 2020 |

    galentine’s day

    a guide to the perfect day with your gal pals

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    Galentine’s Day is arguably much more fun to celebrate than Valentine’s Day. For starters, rather than being a holiday that revolves around a significant other, Galentine’s Day is a chance to get together with your entire friend group and show love and appreciation for one another. But why should these positive affirmations and signs of affection be limited to a single day each year? Now, post- presents a list of ways to show your gals how much they mean to you. Feel free to test out each suggestion in isolation or combine all these activities to make the perfect Galentine’s Day. 


    Brunch: Pancakes, eggs, and bottomless mimosas—what’s not to love about brunch? Occurring anywhere between 10:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m, brunch accommodates the early-risers in your friend group as well as those who’d rather have a leisurely start to their day. Considering this meal often occurs at cute cafes or trendy restaurants, brunch begs its participants to sport stylish outfits for the occasion. If you’re looking to add extra glam to this Galentine’s Day event, consider going out for afternoon tea. The adorable finger sandwiches and pots of tea are quite literally a treat! 


    Photoshoot: Planning a photoshoot is a great bonding activity. From touching up each other’s makeup to deciding on the perfect outfit, there are multiple components of a photoshoot that offer opportunities to share words of encouragement with your gal pals. Pictures really are worth a thousand words, considering that when you look back at these images, you’ll surely remember the time spent with your friends and admire how cute you all look. 


    Letters: An easy way to brighten your friend’s day is to send them a handwritten letter. While you’re probably in constant conversation with your bestie thanks to texting, it’s still nice to summarize how you’ve been doing in a snail mail message. Letters don’t take long to write and are pretty cost-effective, making this an easy activity to show someone you love that you’re willing to put in the extra effort to show you care. By picking out a specific card for a particular friend, you’ll add an extra special element to convey your thought and consideration. 


    Watch a rom-com: Unfortunately, Galentine’s Day does not fall on Monday night this year, so planning to watch the newest episode of The Bachelor will have to wait for another day. Ah, hometowns… Nevertheless, rom-coms are a staple to end a love-filled day. Whether you plan a marathon or just decide to watch a classic, rom-coms are fun to watch no matter your relationship status in real life. 

    While Galentine’s Day provides reason enough to throw a friend-filled extravaganza, there really is no limit to showing love throughout the rest of the year. These are just a few fun ways to spend time with those you care about, but overall, simply being with one another expresses love in a profound way.