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    Located on Thayer Street in Vartan Gregorian Quad (and most importantly right next to Jo’s), Vartan Gregorian A & B are coveted picks for those lucky in the lottery. Built 30 years ago and aptly referred to as “New Dorm,” Vartan Gregorian A & B are Brown’s most recently built housing units. New Dorm offers doubles, some singles, and spacious suites. 


    Closest Dining Hall: Jo’s 

    Distance From the Ratty: five minutes 


    Types of rooms: Between A & B there are a plethora of options ranging from doubles to suites to singles.

    Estimated average size of singles in suites: 113-115 sq. ft. 

    Estimated average size of common rooms: 312 sq. ft.

    Estimated average size of doubles: 350 sq. ft. 

    Bathrooms (communal): 308 sq. ft. 

    Furniture included :






    How likely are you to get it? Luck must be on your side. You’d need to be somewhere at the top of the list. 

    Conclusion: Start racking up the good karma, you need the luck! 



    photos taken by Andy Knoblock


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