• February 28, 2020 |

    skies out, thighs out

    activities for the coming of warmer weather

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    Providence’s infamous rainy days and bleak skies are slowly but surely dwindling in favor of 60-degree weather and sunshine. The arrival of spring breathes new life into Brown’s campus. Not quite sure what to do with the warmer weather? post- has got you covered!

    Skies out, thighs out: Before even feeling the warmth yourself, peek out your window to see a sea of students wearing shorts, dresses, and tank tops revealing that hotter days are among us. Nothing feels better than hanging up your winter coat to sport only a t-shirt and sunglasses. Wearing florals and bright colors is certainly appropriate for embracing the changing of the seasons. Consider learning to French braid or style a cute side ponytail to complete this spring look.

    Throw a frisbee: Do you really go to college if you’ve never thrown a frisbee on the Main Green? With blue skies and no rain to dampen your day, now is your chance to check this college cliche off of your bucket list. Take an hour or two to escape your responsibilities and casually throw a frisbee without a care in the world. Now, only to locate a frisbee… While it should be considered a college essential, let’s be realistic, who actually packs a plastic disc to throw around for a single day?

    Take a long walk: While Providence may feel like a small bubble with nothing new to explore, in actuality, this city has some great pockets that go undiscovered beyond College Hill. Thus, use the warmer weather as an excuse to stroll through untraveled terrain. Walk 20 minutes down Angell Street and see what cute neighborhoods you’ll stumble upon. Support local businesses such as Books on the Square and Wayland Square Dinner, or get your lululemon or Starbucks fix at a new location by going the extra mile in celebration of the sun being out.

    Do homework on the Main Green: Do you have too many midterms piling up to spare the time for a leisurely stroll but still want to enjoy the warm weather? Consider relocating your go-to study spot from inside the Rock to outside on the Main Green. Take a blanket and maybe bring a friend or two to enjoy a day of productivity on the grass. Not only will the natural light keep you energized, but perhaps the warmth will motivate you to work harder and faster so you can take a well-deserved study break and enjoy other fun warm weather activities.

    Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts, because knowing Providence, you’ll have to whip out your winter coat once again when fall rolls around.