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    midterms playlist

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    The universe and I are not on good terms right now. For some reason, I checked my calendar and found that I had not one, not two, but three midterms this week. Oh, and a paper, because why not? Of course, times like these are perfect for some much-needed reflection. It’s the perfect time to consider questions like: Wasn’t this supposed to be a chill semester? Why the frick is the universe doing this to me? Why, again, did I not take notes that day? Or even, after watching a few too many episodes of my favorite show: Why am I like this? And, of course, while writing/reading this article: Shouldn’t I be studying? I have three midterms and a paper this week! It’s in times like these that I find music to be the way forward. So, following tradition, I have, yet again, come up with a playlist to put every stage of the process in perspective. This time, it features picks from the last 15 songs I’ve listened to (not like I’m being lazy or anything, I swear I put a lot of thought into this article). 


    Good Times: You know how all of those movies give off the impression that college is fun year-round? What a fucking lie. Unless…maybe…this is the semester that you can finally realize that dream? You decide this is going to be a “chill semester.” Suddenly, as you arrive on campus, you feel your worries slip into oblivion. As you enter into the first few weeks of school, you’re rocking it! You’re on top of all your work, you’re rocking every assignment, making it to every party, meeting new friends, and yet you don’t feel even an ounce of stress creeping up on you. Maybe this is, finally, if I may say, a chill semester


    “Lifetime in a Touch”—Jackie 


    Roll the window down

    No one knows you in this town

    Turn the radio up

    There’s a moment in this sound

    I don’t want to rush

    There’s a lifetime in a touch

    A lifetime in a touch



    Times catch up: God forbid things go smoothly for too long. Suddenly, the semester begins to catch up with you and you’re forced to be a responsible adult yet again. Uggh. 


    “Adulting”—Beach Bunny



    The older I get, seems like the less that I know
    Trying to be more than, ever before
    It’s hard adulting, avoiding self-growth
    Adolescence is a mid-quarter life crisis
    Growing pains won’t go away, I’m breaking
    Miss my mom, my body’s always aching
    You could be, anything, anyone,
    You’re all grown up



    Midterms on the Horizon: So yeah, someone took “chill semester” a little too seriously. A few failed assignments into the semester, you now try to find a way to salvage your academic career. So, as you plan how to study for that very important midterm, you scramble to find the syllabus you never bothered to save in the first place. 

    *Very Audible Gasp*



    “royal screw up”—Soccer Mommy



    I am a liar and my truths are shackled in

    My dungeon of fire, I’m the princess of screwin’ up

    And you wear your armour (the incredibly difficult super long midterm)

    And you screw students like me



    Night Before the Midterm: I would write in sentences, but the trauma is too real. Picture this: mayhem, lecture capture 2x speed, SciLi 13th floor, complete inability to recall anything that was taught in lecture, 5 a.m. Louis,’ lots of coffee, please someone help. 


    “Purple Haze”—The Jimi Hendrix Experience



    Purple haze all in my brain,

    lately things don’t seem the same,

    actin’ funny but I don’t know why

    ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky.

    Purple haze all around,

    don’t know if I’m coming up or down.

    Am I happy or in misery?

    Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me.



    Assignment Graded: Perhaps checking Canvas was a poor decision. The first midterm grade was a bit of a personal setback, the second one a bitter reminder that one does indeed need to study for more than one day in advance of a midterm. However, everything from that point onward just seems like the universe is exacting some kind of personal vendetta. 


    “Forget About Life”—Alvvays 



    Left the apartment in a state of disarray
    Tried out the synthesizer you bought yesterday
    When the failures of the past, they multiply
    And you trivialize the things that keep your hand from mine
    Did you want to forget about life?
    Did you want to forget about life with me tonight?


    Hey, on the bright side, spring break is almost here! And for that I have this last song: 


    “Over the Hills and Far Away”—Led Zeppelin


    Many dreams come true, and some have silver linings
    I live for my dream and a pocket full of gold
    Mellow is the man who knows what he’s been missing
    Many many men can’t see the open road