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    things we’re thankful for this holiday season

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    Things Being Due Later Than You Thought:  Do you ever have a rough week made worse by a problem set due 11:59 p.m., only to see the professor has pushed it back a couple of days? There is no better feeling in the whole wide world. Perhaps the only exception might be the professor telling you that everyone will get an automatic A on the first day. (A student can dream.) 


    Memes: How would we even get through this monstrosity of a year if we weren’t making fun of it with ironic and relatable memes the whole time? An honorable mention to TikTok (roll your eyes all you want, it’s actually funny sometimes). 


    C@B Being Posted So I Can Scroll Through All The Classes Like a Little Goblin: While I’m sure we were all content and not at all stressed to complete our pre-registration process this week, there’s nothing like taking free time (which you’ll soon have over the holidays) to go over every single class that could conceivably interest you, adding them all to your cart, only to end up taking everything you pre-registered for anyways. 


    Professors Who Post Complete Lecture Notes: When we are blessed with a professor who actually takes into account their students’ success and happiness, we are truly, truly thankful. Especially because sometimes none of us have the mental capacity to rewatch a 50-minute lecture. 


    The Noser: Brown’s best source of news that actually affects students and captures issues relevant to us. The copy of the Noser I received in the mail is my most treasured possession. (Excluding my bed.)


    Christmas Music: Look guys, I understand some of y’all have a particular aversion to Mariah, but hear me out, music that’s 100 percent joyous is really what we need during this horrible horrible horrrrrible year. 


    All I Want for Christmas is You: While technically included in the previous category, Mariah Carey’s perfect Christmas song is in a class all its own, as it doesn’t actually suck like most Christmas music, even outside of a Christmas context. (Similar to: Sufjan Stevens, Opposite to: Michael Bublé.)


    Folklore: Ever since Queen Tay Tay blessed us with her sick vibes and tunes (along with the help of Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon), this year has gotten just a bit more manageable. Folklore is a gratefully received, non-holiday album that we all needed to get through this home stretch.


    Video games: For many this year, video games have been our way of temporarily escaping whichever corner of the world we are huddled up in. By cultivating a beautiful island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, hunting our friends on a spaceship in Among Us, or going back to our roots and playing 35 hours of Minecraft a week, the abomination that is 2020 can quietly fade into oblivion. (For juuust a while.)


    Snack: From Goldfish and Uncrustables to 3 a.m. shredded cheese, snacks have been the heroes in overcoming death by sheer flavourlessness this wacky year. To them, I am forever thankful for carrying me through the day when nothing else was gonna.


    Being Able to Turn Our Cameras Off When We Cry in Class: When I have a breakdown in class, I would normally have to sit there in sullen silence as I pull my hoodie hood up and sob gently to myself. Now, thanks to the wonders of Zoom, I can leave my camera off and cry in bed to my heart’s content. <3


    Goodbye, Orange: Goodbye. We will not miss you. :) To all the Georgians out there, we’re so proud of you, and in celebration, briefly contemplated getting peach tattoos.


    SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS (Coming Soon To A Healthcare Provider Near You!): To the guys at Pfizer and Moderna. THANK YOU. I’ve never wanted to get shots more in my life. (To my friends who’ve asked me to hold back on drinking a little: That’s not what I meant. Well, sorta. Either way, celebrations are in order.) 


    Almost Being Done with 2020: This year has been hard, in many ways. And full of not-fun times. We’re almost through with this absolute disaster of a time…we are almost there! This is November! We only have one-and-a-half months left, and then we’re finally free of this cursed year! 


    But most of all, YOU. We’re thankful for all of you amazing kiddos for making it through this horrible year and sharing a laugh with us here at Lifestyle. Have an amazing break and we’ll see y’all on the other side!