• February 18, 2021 |

    providence coffee

    where to go when you need some joe

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    Even with COVID-19 still in full swing, classes continue relentlessly, piling on what seems like more work than ever in such a short time span. What’s worse is that the first harrowing round of midterms is already here. Last year, I dropped a history class right before the first midterm because I was not prepared at all to take that exam (and the class was full of men majoring in econ), but this year is different. I know exactly how to refuel for my exams: coffee. It’s no secret that coffee gives you the energy to make it through a grueling study session, but do you know from where in Providence you should get that next cup o’ joe? Below are five places you can take a COVID-safe walk to the next time you’re in need of some coffee and a study break!

    The Shop

    Located on Wickenden Street, The Shop is a fan favorite. While you can’t currently soak in the complete indie aura of The Shop, you can still get some delicious coffee! The black coffee there is awesome, and you can also buy some great snacks: avocado toast, cultured butter and local jam on toast, and every other hipster café food you can think of! Plus, Wickenden Street and the surrounding area are pretty peaceful, so the walk itself will provide some much-needed respite.


    Ceremony specializes in tea, but have you ever tried their coffee? If you haven’t, you should drop everything you’re doing right now, walk on over to Thayer Street, and buy yourself some iced coffee! Yes, it’s winter, but Ceremony’s iced coffee won the “People’s Choice” award for the 2020 RI Food Fights Iced Coffee challenge. I’m not exactly sure which of their iced coffees was awarded this honor, but you should try their mouthwatering iced mojito coffee—even if it is pricier than most iced coffees.


    Sorry! This is an obvious one, I know. However, I’m not suggesting the Thayer Street Starbucks but the Angell Street Starbucks. Is there a difference in terms of taste? I’m not really sure. But, if you’re in need of a change of scenery, especially if you live in the general College Hill area, the walk to the Angell Street Starbucks can give you some new views and some time to help cool you down from studying too much. Sure, nothing really stands out on the menu at Starbucks, but the accessibility of the Starbucks app and ordering ahead makes getting coffee here COVID-friendly.

    Rebelle Artisan Bagels

    Yes, this is a bagel shop. And yes, it’s a hike to get here (unless you live north of campus). But! The coffee here is spectacular (their coffee supplier, Borealis Coffee, actually won “Judge’s Choice” for the 2020 RI Food Fights Iced Coffee challenge), and you can even get a delicious bagel sandwich to accompany your drink. I went here two weeks ago, and even though the walk froze my still-drying hair and the iced coffee turned my fingers purple, my tastebuds were overjoyed by the perfection that is Rebelle’s iced coffee.

    Bagel Gourmet

    Look, Bagel Gourmet’s coffee isn’t even that good. Their iced coffee is always a little bit too milky, and the sugar is constantly sitting in a pile at the bottom of your cup. But isn’t that what you want sometimes, especially if most of your iced coffee experiences have been with Dunkin’ Donuts? The combination of caffeine and undissolved sugar crystals is a thrilling experience that everyone should partake in when taking a break from studying!