• March 4, 2021 |

    what your favorite white shoes say about you

    a life analysis

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    Almost everyone has them: a pair of trusty white shoes. Some of us have only one pair, some of us have multiple pairs, and sadly, some of us do not have any. In general, most students have that one pair of white shoes that they can always rely on for metaphorical rainy days (maybe not when it’s actually raining, though, unless you’re like me and like your white shoes a little dirty and full of character). So, what do your favorite white shoes say about you? Read more to discover how your foot fashion reflects your personality!


    The original 3-Stripes Adidas are the pair of white shoes that reliably emanate an aura around them. If these are your favorite white shoes, you’re probably reliable too. You’re also likely down-to-earth, but miss high school more than other people. One of your favorite hobbies is hanging out with your friends, and you’re probably a nice person concentrating in something that either makes you really happy or will genuinely help other people. 

    If your favorite white shoes are the Stan Smith Adidas, though, you’re a very different person. It’s likely that your parents have a nice bit of dough that allows you to live relatively comfortably, and you probably think of yourself as some sort of fashion guru—you probably believe that all pants should either be rolled up, already cropped to not touch your ankles, or “fashionably” non-skinny jeans. Your favorite hobby is definitely thinking you’re better than other people (after all, you have Stan Smiths Adidas, not the 3-Stripes ones), and you view your concentration as superior (cough cough PLMEs).

    Converse High Tops

    If your go-to pair of white shoes are Converse High Tops, then there’s a high chance you think you’re original in every way—but you’re definitely not, sorry. Luckily, though, you’re a generally friendly and peppy person, so people like you even if you’re not that original. Your concentration is very “I care about and want to help people”-esque. You also really think you have a good taste in music. If your favorite white shoes are Converse Low Tops, however, you’re probably a borderline millennial. I really don’t know anyone who wears these other than people over the age of 25. Keep adulting, you Harry-Potter-pizza-butt-rubs lover!

    Air Force 1s

    If these are your favorite white shoes to wear, then you are statistically 75 percent more likely to be in Greek life at some point during college. Your favorite thing to drink is definitely White Claw, and you’re probably the type of person who is a bit too nervous to deviate from the norms or to do activities by yourself. Yes, you’re a bit basic. Air Force 1s are too widely worn for there to be an exact concentration associated with them, but it’s really likely that you concentrate in econ or IAPA. 

    Chunky Fila Disruptors

    Like Converse High Tops wearers, if your favorite pair of white shoes are chunky Fila Disruptors, then you think you’re so unique, but to a much more exaggerated extent. You definitely have some sort of god complex, and you self-identify as a “creative.” There’s also a chance you are in the midst of an identity crisis. Also, your concentration is probably VISA or something literature-adjacent. 

    Slip-on Vans

    White slip-on Vans don’t really see that much love at Brown, but there are definitely a few students who do wear these as their go-to white shoes. If these are your favorites, then you might have peaked in high school. Sure, a lot of us did, but you’re, like, 85 percent more likely to have done so. You also swear your whole life to iced coffee, making it your entire personality and accessory of choice. You’re also always in a hurry (hence the shoes that slip right on), and you’re always mildly stressed in a very normal, healthy way. You also are probably kind of quiet, and you concentrate in BEO or something that appears to ensure easy money (and thus comfort) after graduation.


    This is not a comprehensive list of white shoes (we’re missing the $600 Golden Goose shoes—which really just say that you’re rich and have a weird thing for poor people aesthetic—New Balances, and so many different types of “athletic” white shoes). And of course, your favorite white shoes don’t really reflect your true personality, but hopefully, you discovered something more about yourself and your pals, and now know precisely how people will perceive you when you pull up to a party (finally) in 2035 wearing your favorite white shoes.