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    nighttime in Providence

    springtime walking destinations

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    Warmer weather has begun its initial descent upon Providence, and that means it’s time to start taking night walks (with friends, to be safe). Of course, some of y’all might have already found the joy of walking during the winter in order to cool down from studying too much—or stressing from not studying enough—but walks during the beginning of spring are a completely different ballgame. Why? Because it’s the perfect temperature to sit down and take in the nighttime air without either shivering too much from the cold or sweating too much from the heat. Here are five destinations in Providence for your next nighttime walk of relaxation:

    Prospect Terrace

    Located just a little northwest of North Campus, Prospect Terrace is famous for its very imposing and totally condescending statue of Roger Williams, its array of benches that overlook the city, and tons of neatly kept grass (and for its ever-present smell of weed!). Walking here isn’t a big deal, especially if you live on the north side of campus, and since it’s located in a cozy residential area, it feels very comforting to walk here, take a seat on a bench, and relax while looking out on the city. There are definitely some popular activities to do here at night, one of which is hinted at above, but I’d recommend coming here with some of your besties, laying down a blanket, and staring at the night sky as you talk about your most intimate secrets and anxieties. Some beverages and candles would also be a nice touch!

    The Main Green

    “Wait, this is so basic…” Okay, its basicness during the day is what makes it so extraordinary during the night. Sure, you’re used to spending your days here with your friends, sitting in the sun, “getting your work done” (we know you’re not—nobody ever gets their work done on the Main Green), and bathing in the reality that you’re being perceived. But nighttime on the Main Green is special because it is so different from the day! The lighting is so sparse you can barely tell who anyone is, and it’s incredibly quiet. What’s best to do here at night is to either 1) sit by yourself on a bench and get lost in your thoughts as you stare at the eerie glow of Sayles Hall, or 2) sit on a bench with a friend and gossip without the usual Main Green chatter.  

    Roger Williams National Memorial

    This big patch of green grass full of benches is probably best suited to visiting with a friend at night, as it is located down College Hill off of Main Street. The charm of going here is its location farther away from Brown’s campus. If you really need to have a serious conversation you don’t want anyone else to know about, going to Roger Williams National Memorial is ideal. Like the Main Green and Prospect Terrace, there is a nice selection of benches here to choose from for your nighttime conversation, and after you’re done you can get some sweet, sweet exercise in by walking up the incredibly steep Meeting Street hill.

    The Pedestrian Bridge

    The Pedestrian Bridge is beautiful, and if you haven’t been here at night, you should change that immediately! Maybe you’ve already seen it on your friends’ Instagram posts, but the Pedestrian Bridge is the perfect place to take some lovely nighttime photos. Do you want to make yourself seem like an angel illuminated in the night? Pedestrian Bridge. You want to take pictures with your partner that ooze “look! we’re so happy!” energy? Pedestrian Bridge. It’s also a great location for contemplating your thoughts as you gaze dramatically at the water!

    The “Hidden” George Street Spot

    Between Kassar House and the Department of Modern Culture and Media Building on George Street is a little clearing that feels absolutely magical. Plenty of people know about this place, sure, but whenever I’ve been here, I’ve never seen anybody else besides maybe a facility worker here and there. Just like the other four locations, this place has some benches for sitting down and soaking in the nighttime atmosphere. The difference, however, is that whatever you do here will have fantastical, Narnia-esque energy to it. At any moment, it feels like your thoughts could be interrupted by a satyr walking into the light of one of the light posts and introducing himself to you. After you leave here, you’ll absolutely feel like the main character.