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    what to do based on your zodiac sign

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    It’s a warm, sunny spring day in Providence, and you want to really take full advantage of it, knowing that the warmth might turn into dreary rain or 30-degree weather by tomorrow. However, you don’t know what to do. Maybe you’ve been here before, but your favorite springtime activity of studying on the 3rd floor of the Rock is no longer viable. Or maybe you’re a freshman, and the only springtime Brown activity you know of (i.e., sitting on the Main Green) scares you because of the crowds. Well, worry no longer! In this guide, you’ll discover what to do based on your astrological sun sign.  


    This spring, you need to walk up a hill––and not just any hill. It needs to be the College Street hill or the Meeting Street hill (the one that goes all the way down to Main Street, complete with a set of stairs to climb). Why? Because you’re a very energetic, impulsive, and impatient individual with a lot of pent-up energy and you need to take it out on something that is not a person. Your “me against the world” mentality needs to be put to use by walking up one of these very steep hills, and hopefully afterwards you’ll feel a bit relieved and less in a mood to beat someone up!


    Sweetheart, please grab your coziest outdoor blanket and fill a cute, aesthetic wood basket with all your favorite picnic goods! Find a nice, quiet patch of green grass, lay down your blanket, and enjoy a delicious afternoon “linner” of all your favorite foods. You love comfort, food, romance, and spending money, so going on a picnic this spring is the perfect activity for you. Eating during golden hour will be the cherry on top if you really want to embrace your Taurean impulses!


    As one of the most gossipy signs that anyone will ever meet, your springtime activity at Brown should be sitting on the Main Green with all of your besties (and you have a LOT of them). Sit on a hand-crocheted blanket that resonates with your charming and approachable personality (“Oh, this blanket? Yes, my best friend from my hometown made it! Isn’t it charming?”) and engage all 10 of your closest friends in deep, intimate conversation. You want everyone on the Main Green to know that you have tons of friends and can easily shift from one conversation to the next. But… you should probably watch out for your Aquarius friends… You’ll need your quick wits for when you engage them in conversation (or debate?).


    You’re emotional. A mess. Especially this spring semester when everything seems to be out to get you! So, go to the closest art store (AKA Blick on Wickenden) and buy a canvas, an easel, paint, and paint brushes. Pack this stuff in your favorite tote bag and walk to India Point Park at sunset. Once there, set all of your stuff up like some famous French painter and paint! Paint the sunset before you, but paint it while thinking of your innermost self: messy, sensitive, and imaginative. By the end of your mental health painting session, you’ll have an abstract sunset painting that is more reflective of who you are than what the sunset looked like.


    Similar to Geminis, you’ll also want to sit on the Main Green this spring. However, you won’t be sitting with all of your friends sprawled out on a crocheted blanket. YOU will be sitting on one of the benches on the perimeter of the Main Green. There, people will easily notice you, and isn’t that what you want as a proud (and sometimes arrogant) Leo? When people walk by, they’ll be sure to catch you in their periphery at least (you hope), and perhaps even some of your friends will stop by, sit next to you, and have an enthusiastic, theatrical conversation with you (which will hopefully draw even more attention!). Full disclosure, I’m a Leo, and yes, I’ve sat on one of the Main Green benches with these intentions in mind. 


    As an elegant, picky, and diligent individual, you’ll want to spend your springtime at Brown studying. But, like many others, you also want to be outside and soak in the warm weather. So, you go to a cafe, order an iced Americano, and sip on it at an outdoor table as you study with one of your friends, only occasionally speaking. Sitting outside at a café while studying is peak elegance and diligence, and that’s exactly how you want people to perceive you (even if you’re not totally focusing on your work).


    If it’s spring and you’re a Libra, you have to go on a walk with a friend. As a kind-hearted person with incredibly strong social skills (and the desire to use them CONSTANTLY), walking with your friend will give you the chance to practice being the sociable, good person you think you are—not only with your friend, but also with any stranger you may bump into on your walk. Plus, you are a bit narcissistic and into aesthetics, so going on a walk allows you to show off your carefully-put-together outfit of the day AND take in your beautiful Providence surroundings! 


    Like Libras, you should also take time in the spring to go on a walk, but yours should be a nighttime walk. You’re mysterious, fanatical, and self-willed, so while all of your friends might tell you not to go on that walk because it’ll be too dangerous, you still do. To be even more mysterious (and to dive into your emotions), I suggest going to Prospect Terrace, sitting on one of the benches, and taking in the city. Once there, you can be the mysterious loner you want to be.


    Like Aries, you’re also very lively and have a lot of energy in you! However, you’re never as angry and frustrated as Aries are. You just want to have an adventurous time. So, you should hike. A whole day of hiking. You’re brave and unconstrained, so this hike can happen anywhere you think might get your adrenaline running. A mountain in New Hampshire? Yes, that works. The side of some highway? If that’s your cup of tea (as long as you’re super safe about it!). 


    Ah, to be a Capricorn! An intelligent, persistent, and practical person! On a warm spring day, what’s better than…sitting on the Quiet Green studying. Capricorn, you’re kind of a loner, and that’s okay. Embrace it! It’s most practical to study and enjoy the spring day on the Quiet Green (as it’s close to where you live) instead of going to some café like Virgo, and you know you’ll enjoy your solitude. Make sure to pack everything you’ll need for this activity: your studying tools, a cozy blanket, snacks, and water to keep hydrated.


    Aquarius, remember how that Gemini was on the Main Green sitting with all their friends? Yeah, so you’re one of their friends. However, you’re not some groupie. YOU are an original! YOU are a challenger! When your Gemini pal says something a bit silly and laughs it off like it’s no big deal, you look them in the eyes and immediately snap at them. As an *intellectual* always seeking change, you can’t handle when others are complacent, and Geminis tend to say whatever is trendy without really thinking. So, you get into a huge debate with them on the Main Green, refusing to give up. This is your ideal springtime activity, don’t even lie. In the end, you win the debate because you always do.


    As a Pisces, you love to get lost in your head, grasping onto the most unrealistic, imaginative ideas. You can’t help but gravitate towards being sentimental and overthinking (which has gotten you into some rather sad funks). During the spring at Brown, then, it’s best for you to spend your day napping outside. You don’t really care what happens to you when you have your guard down. Instead, your mind is focused on anything and everything that brings you joy in your dreams, such as an unrequited love who finally loves you. Dreaming outside is perfect for you, you sentimental fool.