• How do you get over a breakup if that person was the person you thought was the one and they are in your same friend group?

    These answers are the product of post- team zoom huddles, crafted collaboratively and carefully for you to take under advisement (and entertainment).

    Ms. Small & Sexy: Honestly, hard as it may seem, I think what you need now is some space. Be honest and communicate your needs so as not to permanently damage your friendship, but if the larger friend group would understand, try to show up to different hangout events than your ex does. The only real way to move on (if that’s what you need to do) is to create distance. If this person cares about you in the way you care about them, they will understand. If they don’t, they were never the one.

    Ms. Fun & Flirty: To echo Ms. Small & Sexy—SPACE SPACE SPACE. I might even take the time to find new friends. If you want to keep your friends and be less dramatic, however, I’d recommend taking time to speak to your friends alone and tell them that you love hanging out with them but just cannot spend a lot of time with X right now. Cultivate individual relationships with your buddies. After a few weeks you need to get really good at being friendly with X but not close. If you go out with your friends and X is there, DO NOT BE ALONE WITH X. Getting over anyone involves being able to envision yourself without them and in such close quarters requires both of you to be exceptionally mature. It’s messy. It will hurt. But unless you make the active choice to distance yourself from them and everyone else involved with them you just have to figure out a way to not freak out everytime you see them. 

    Just Ethan: Be grateful that the semester is almost over, and take time to heal. And consider keeping to friend-adjacents in the future.