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katie cafaro outs and abouts

outs and abouts

The first scene of the 2012 web series The Outs bears a striking resemblance to the beginning of the 1924 novel Sodom and Gomorrah, the fourth volume of French writer Marcel Proust’s gargantuan 3,000-page work In Search of Lost Time. Both stories open with raucous gay sex followed by uncomfortable pillow talk and the swapping…

katie cafaro get over yourself carrie bradshaw

get over yourself, carrie bradshaw

a critique of her stigmatization of the single woman

Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda were one of pop culture’s most admired friend groups in the late 1990s through the 2000s. “Sex and the City” was a television show that took the audience on the journeys of four single 30-something women living in New York City as they tried to…

Katie Cafaro soylent color april 27

message in a bottle

How the culture around Soylent obscures its potential

“What is Soylent?” asks the voice, as two friends on opposite ends of a picnic blanket drink, deep from plastic white bottles. “Soylent is food.” Well, kind of. The voice qualifies: “While not intended to replace every meal, Soylent can replace any meal …” The camera follows the bottle as it jumps between different scenes…

Katie cafaro carousel color april 27

spinning out

the unbridled immorality of carousel

Content warning: This piece discusses abusive behavior and mentions suicide. The whimsically titled “Carousel” at first seems to be a heartwarming romp of a love story, as young men and women seek innocent fun at the fair. Yet a dark side to the patriarchal power dynamics of the play is quickly revealed—a dark side that…