• Anita Sheih

    resonance and reflection

    rehearsal musings of two musicians

    April 25, 2019
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    10:00 p.m., Steinert Choral Room We file into the rehearsal room one at a time and open our cases, revealing familiar instruments. Anita: The cello is the largest of the chamber music instruments, crafted to fill the space it’s meant to fit. The widest parts of a cello’s body sit just between the player’s knees, […]

    top ten weekends (that aren’t spring weekend)

    March 22, 2019
    article by Anita Sheih

    The Weeknd Fyre Festival 2017 Vampire Weekend Three-day weekends Halloweekend Weekend at Bernie’s That weekend you spent in Las Vegas Rebecca Black’s weekend Your carefree childhood weekends of pure adolescent poppycock “Friday, Saturday, Saturday to Sunday” – will.i.am., c. 2009

    hot post- time machine

    March 22, 2019
    article by Anita Sheih

    “I imagined how nice it would be if I got the $350 refund and opted to buy her a ticket to the countryside, say Idaho, where she would plant potatoes and surely be unhappy.” – Daniel Murage, “One Minute Early,” 4.27.17   “For example, she tells her tour groups, ‘The urban legend of the Soldier’s […]


    March 22, 2019
    article by Anita Sheih

    “How come no one knows any decent taxidermists in this area?!” “Prioritize your f*cking self over your f*cking self.” “My mom said she still felt like a child at age 30. What does that make me—a fetus?” “How do you have the with-it-ness to do anything in the morning?” “If time is a construct, then […]

    midnight mumbles

    post- staff has some thoughts

    March 1, 2019
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    Music Lil Pump’s Harverd Dropout: The SoundCloud sensation celebrates turning 18 by ceding creative control of his second album to a boardroom full of middle-aged white men, former Tosh.0 gag writers, and Quavo. Beirut’s Gallipoli: After four albums spent mining the lush textures of Balkan folk music, Zach Condon has dedicated himself to unearthing the […]