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Bad Art Caroline Hu

Dispelling Michelangelo

in defense of bad art

The artists I learned about in history class never stuck in my mind. I forgot their names along with the details of their most praised works. But what I do remember is that Michelangelo, the brilliant mind behind the famed David and Pietà, is known for being an asshole as much as he is known…

trouble with the curve 22 kathy luo

Trouble with the Curve

watching brockmire on IFC

  There isn’t anything particularly special about Brockmire, the new series that premiered April 5th at 10 p.m. on IFC, except for the fact that Hank Azaria is in it. The Simpsons star hasn’t been a cast member on a live-action television series since 2011’s flop Free Agents. But he’s one of the great TV…

jenice kim22 spring night2222a half formed thing22

Boldly Brown

building on protests

Black student protests do not come out of nowhere. Students of color do not randomly decide that there are problems and walk out of classes. Protests are a part of a conversation that is ongoing from student to student, students to administration, students to the nation, and students to the world. These protests illustrate for…

michelle ng print small 22Charting Your Emotions

Charting Emotions in the Stars

reading my sister’s horoscopes

  Horoscopes are not a hobby for my older sister. Lindsay does not fill empty hours of the day flipping through the horoscopes on the back of the newest Cosmo. For her, reading her “scopes” means assembling a tool belt for dealing with the day’s problems. If the alignment of the moon means that there…

Claribel Wu 22How to Quiet Your Mind22

How to Quiet Your Mind

“be gentle with yourself”

  Do you feel trapped within yourself? Are these thoughts / feelings racing through your head: I am incompetent, I can’t do it, I want to give up, my heart is beating so fast, it feels like I’m breathing through a straw that is getting smaller and smaller with every breath, it feels like my…