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In Defense of Discourse

the politics of intellectual diversity

  There were two of them, standing in front of the soda dispenser in the Ratty, bodies tense and movements agitated. “You can’t say that.” I saw her hands clenching and unclenching by her waist, face scrunched up in frustration. “I know you disagree, but I’m just saying that— ” “You’re wrong.” “Just let me…

josh allen 22ill never be bridget... mulan

I’ll Never Be Mulan, Bridget, or Merida

and that’s completely okay

  A series of personal dramas befell my friend group this past month. While one friend was going through a breakup, another was figuring out her feelings in a budding relationship, and all the while I was going through a chain of existential crises, which involved continuous exasperated exclamations of “What am I going to…

Soco Fernandez Garcia 22 love and other stuff 22 color for web

Love and Other Stuff

a new age

Watching season two of Love on Netflix, I found myself in a familiar position. I loved what I was watching, even as I spotted its flaws. I would roll my eyes at one scene, but melt into a mushy puddle come the next, helpless in the face of Gus and Mickey’s mercilessly endearing, constantly tormented…

joshua Allen 22song to song22

Keep Dreaming

The Bold Visions of Song to Song

  The characters of Terrance Malick’s new film, Song to Song, could be weightless. In one scene, Faye (Rooney Mara) and BV (Ryan Gosling) float in zero gravity while flying on Cook’s (Michael Fassebender) private plane. These people dance and sing, live on the top floors of skyscrapers, and watch the sun set in the…

michelle ng 22a penguin at the end of the world22

A Penguin at the End of the World

the death of our childhood games

  Club Penguin shut down on March 30th at the stroke of midnight PST. It was the end of an online game that, through its decade-long existence, was a defining part of growing up for generations of kids. Its death was a symbolic one as well, yet another reminder of the ephemerality of our childhood…