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Trust Me - Linda Liu


a friendship in conversation

        In Japanese, “omakase” means that a sushi chef has taken full responsibility for their diner’s experience of a meal. They have chosen the highest quality fish, the most seasonal ingredients, the type of dishes they will serve, and the order in which they will serve them. For diners, “omakase” means that…

candygrams - Molly Young


post- modern love

You will bald prematurely.  – RattyDaddy “A Brief Query for God” Dear God, Why do bad things Happen to good people? Why do good things Happen to bad people? And if nothing ever happens to me, What the hell is that supposed to mean? – James Feinberg I laughed my first time. And second. And…


“‘I’m so sore.’ ‘Did you go to the gym?’ ‘No, I SafeWalked.’” “I think I’ll just wait for BUSSEL experiments.” “This school becomes a panopticon as soon as I put on sweatpants.”

Hot Post- Time Machine

“My evil scheme to rip off the establishment isn’t the point, though” – “My Shitty Brain and Me” by M.F. – 2/11/2016