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revisiting childhood favorites as an almost-adult

“Always.” To any Harry Potter fan, this is the only proper response to the question posed in the title. To me, it’s one of four. As a Laura Ingalls Wilder devotee, I picture a little house in the big woods with a fire blazing and corn biscuits toasting. A Lemony Snicket enthusiast, I can imagine…

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explore the in-between

  I’ve probably been to more bar mitzvahs than you. Having grown up in the heavily Jewish suburbs of northern Chicago, my seventh grade weekends almost always consisted of two, three, or even four services and parties to attend. Indeed, if you’ve ever stayed in a hotel in the Chicago area on a Saturday night,…

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Imagined Futures

a Fringe fan reflects

  Imagine the impossibilities, it begins. Then, depicting assured annihilation, it urges, Fight for the future. Welcome to Fringe, the TV show that I was once mildly obsessed with. (You know it’s mild when you’re still relatively coherent about it. For a counterexample, see past history re: Affleck, Ben.) Over its five seasons, Fringe explores…

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Flavored Vodka and Cheekbone Glitter

college parties as liminal spaces

It is the first Friday of the semester, and I’m sitting with my back pressed against my friend’s dresser, laughing as she snaps pictures for her Snapchat story. I will end the night curled on top of my bed, crying more than I have in over a year. After a series of lighthearted jabs from…


Oil on Canvas

“if i wait any longer i will never paint anything”

This is the chaotic splendor of my painting’s origin. From the windows that line up between our houses, I stare at the neighbors eating dinner, observe the thoughtless bites taken amidst conversation and the children rolling baby carrots around their plates. I have alternated between doing this and watching The Office reruns for the past…