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doris liou_ chinese feminism

Women can hold up half the sky

Translating Chinese Feminism

I am fourteen years old, and I am visiting China for the first time in twelve years. A murky yellow light floods the train car, and I step gingerly down the narrow walkway, contorting my body to avoid the occasional jutted elbow. The train speeds through the countryside, and each time it dips into a…

michelle ng Trouble in the Galaxy

Trouble in the Galaxy

Navigating the nerd world as a woman of color

Standing outside the Anaheim Convention Center, I joked with my dad that one’s devotion is really tested by these sorts of things. It was barely 10 a.m., and the Southern California heat drew sweat from our foreheads. The doors to WonderCon (the precursor to the big kahuna, San Diego ComicCon) would not even open until…

doris lious salads

Salads ‘n’ Stuff

An inquiry into salads

Traditional Salad Bar This is your average salad bar. It’s fine. The official recommended system is to get a to-go box, add all your ingredients and dressing, then shake it like you’re listening to OutKast in 7th grade. If this sounds like your type of lunch, this is the right salad bar for you. Mediterranean…

clarisse angkasa violins

An Elegy

my violin & me

My violin hasn’t left my dorm room closet since October. It’s sitting there right now, untouched and unplayed, only visible when I dig around for a lost pair of shoes. I can’t help but feel conflicted every time I see it, like it’s begging for a breath of fresh air. Violin has been a major…

natasha sharpe typos

The Misprint Multiverse

the rythme I went throat shopping

Inspired by Brenda Miller’s “Typos,” a piece that explores the alternate realities that live in our misspellings and misunderstandings.   “God donut.” Do you know about the origin of donuts? (Cue: “I donut.”) They are the fallen halos of gods and angels and holy aliens, doughy rings of divinity that tumble through dimensions, passing through…