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clarisse angkasa 22series of unfortunate events22

A Fortunate Series

of unfortunate events

Look away, look away, this show will wreck your evening, your whole life and your day, every single episode is nothing but dismay, so look away, look away, look away. These are the lyrics to the opening scene and theme song of the new Netflix series, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Based on the book…

Soco Fernandez Garcia diversity in museums 1 1

a master at the met

reflections on diversity in fine arts

I am a museum junkie. It is the cheapest thing to do in any city and a way to kill time. In the summer when internships do not pan out the way I want to, or on breaks from school where I need to occupy my time, museums are an escape from staring at my…

upwards and onwards

post- editors discuss moving on

The leaves are disappearing, the exams are piling up, and the rain is (occasionally) showing itself as snow. For many of us here at Brown, it’s a time whip out the job applications, and start planning for the next chapter of our lives. Post- editors bring you our thoughts on moving on, however that may…

clarisse angkasa 22women and vinyl22 color

Women on Vinyl

new trends for an old medium

The author would like to note that “women” in this piece includes gender nonconforming people as well as female-identifying people. The first record I ever played on a record player of my very own was Joan Baez’s “5.” Joan Baez, for those of us who weren’t alive in the ‘60s and aren’t history buffs now,…

tymani ratchford 22white 22 oct 26


ashes and pixels

Sometimes when snow falls, you think of her. You think of how you never imagined seeing in your mind, over and over again, her body crumpling as the flames ate her toes and her hair and her belly button until all that was left was white dust just like the snow that is enveloping you…