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katie cafaro 22the god in my head22 color 2

the god inside my head

a merciless tyrant undeserving of my worship

It started when I was six, I think. My mind was stung with quick, piercing needles. My psyche was hit with thoughts that horrified me: vulgarities, blasphemies. I believed I was responsible for these sudden thoughts, and I believed that these thoughts were immoral, sinful. Whenever I tried to stop them, they became fiercer, more…

kay liang a monument to moving on color 3


Whenever I’m in love, I accumulate like a fiend. A shell from our first date, a pile of safety glass I found with you, a shirt you made for me, miscellaneous junk that somehow elevates itself to the status of an icon, a talisman to another time. It’s a compulsion, like if I don’t snatch…

emma marguiles 22whats in a name22

What’s in a Name?

a crisis of Indian-ness

“It’s Yamini.” “Yuh-MEE-ni?” “No, YA-mini.” “Yuh-MA-ni?” “Nope, YA-mini.” “Oh umm, okay…” [Think “YEAH!-mini.]   The beginning of a semester marks my bi-annual ritual of awkwardly correcting professors as they mispronounce my name. Nothing about my name had ever posed a challenge to anyone in my life before I made the trip across this unholy, overheated…

Julie Benbassat 22call me maybe22

So Call Me, Maybe

the double standard of communication and connection

Living in this era where technological innovations enable nearly constant, instantaneous communication is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, we have the unprecedented ability to connect with our friends and family the very instant the desire to do so strikes us. A quick text, a couple buttons pushed to place a call, a…

Post hollywood full color

The Distinction between “Beautiful” and “Sexy”

The most random conversations can lead to incredibly profound reflections. The other day, I had an interesting dialogue with two friends of mine. We had all recently watched Suicide Squad, and obviously got to talking about the fountain of perfection that is Margot Robbie. After fangirling over Robbie, we moved on to talk about Blake…