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Eight People, One Room

something promising from nothing productive

Scene one: interior conference room, day. A motley crew of eight students is strewn around a conference table. Over the next 14 minutes, they proceed to laugh, cry, fight, and light things on fire. And judging by the reception at last week’s premiere, the audience loves every minute of it. This is Nothing Productive, a…

My Old Kentucky Home

chocolate pecan bourbon pie: oh-so-southern, oh-so-delicious

For most of you readers out there, the first week in May means reading period, early exams from overeager professors, and sad hours spent cooped up in your library of choice, staring out wistfully at the sunny green. But for me, that first Saturday in May is a holiday, worthy of canceled classes, closed businesses,…

Remember That Time?

…neither do we

Ahh, Spring Weekend. For seniors, a last-ditch effort to forget that graduation looms and a time to find ecstasy in a PBR or a succinctly rolled joint. For freshman, an elusive ideal that combines fraternity tank tops with the enigma of Dave Binder. For everyone, sort of a mess. In anticipation of a wonderfully fuzzy…


my strange addiction

The Gale Medical Encyclopedia defines withdrawal as “the side effects experienced by a person who has become physically dependent on a substance, upon decreasing the substance’s dosage or discontinuing its use.” This, dear reader, is the story of my withdrawal. “Say what?” you ask, “Don’t you know your future employers can read this?” But never…

The Shows that Snagged Me

four editors confess

Six Feet Under (HBO, 2001-2005)I stretched across the red leather couch in Annie’s living room, cold and covered in cat hair. I had arrived in Chicago a few hours earlier, on New Years Day; there are few people for whom I’d tolerate a three-hour delay at JFK, but Annie, an old friend from Pomona, is…