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For Your Consideration

Overlooked Stuff from 2017

It’s been a difficult year for movies at the box office. It seems like people have fewer and fewer reasons to go out to the theaters. Movies like It, Get Out, The Big Sick, and Wonder Woman were massive hits among fans and critics. But a lot of films disappointed, with Justice League, The Mummy,…

Letting the Wolf in Through the Door

In Praise of Kaveh Akbar’s Book of Poetry, Calling a Wolf a Wolf

Whenever I write in my journal and try to pin down the thoughts swirling around in my head, I realize that the different parts of my mind are messy and extremely hard to map. I’m certain this is true for all us—we’re made up of warring passions, emotions, opinions, and beliefs that push constantly against…

Odd Girl Out

Reviewing Carmen Maria Machado’s Her Body and Other Parties

Carmen Maria Machado wants you to believe in ghosts. In her masterful debut short story collection, Her Body and Other Parties, they lurk in the aisles of stores selling prom dresses or in the dreams of a detective who sometimes appears on primetime TV. Most often, these ghosts haunt the minds of her characters. Machado…

The Antihero Allure

Trouble with Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

In the past two years, popular television and film have seen a thematic shift from despicable antiheroes to warmhearted stories about likable people, perhaps as a counter against current events. NBC’s sophomore series This is Us, a family drama, and ABC’s freshman show The Good Doctor, a medical drama that focuses on an autistic surgeon,…

A Swiftie Through Thick and Thin

Growing Up With Taylor

It’s about hour 14 into my Taylor Swift jam session when I realize I might have a problem. See, my old phone only has 8 GB of precious storage space, and I, ever the tasteful music fan, have filled that data space with every single Swift song. Ever. Swifties, they call us. We’re not all…