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I pretend not to hear

A bead of sweat trickled down my freckled face, pausing a moment on my nose to sting the tender, burnt skin beneath it before plummeting to the pavement below. Waves of heat radiated from the gum-speckled concrete—the streets of New York City in the summer are prisons for heat, each slab holding sunrays captive. The…

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The Joy of Rubik’s Cubes

And why you should learn to solve one, too

If you’re restless during midterm season and looking for an instant way to improve your quality of life, I have just the thing for you: a Rubik’s Cube. It might sound like a lame idea at first, but hear me out. The Rubik’s Cube is a famous 3-D puzzle game in which the goal is…

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An “American Teen” Living the Dream

A soundtrack of fun, angsty, youthful soundscapes

A few birds are chirping. An alarm is going off in the distance. A sweet, slow electronic melody and an upbeat synth reminiscent of all the greatest ’80s songs you’ve ever heard carries in a smooth-yet-raspy, soulful voice. Living the good life full of goodbyes, Khalid Robinson, whose stage name is simply “Khalid,” sings, My…

katie cafaro sundance review

Love and Crime in the Mountains

In a Year of Mixed Feelings, the Sundance Film Festival’s All-Over-the-Map Programming

The news that An Inconvenient Sequel, the decade-later follow-up to the 2006 Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth, would be opening the 2017 Sundance Film Festival came only shortly before the first day, but the pick seemed fitting considering the line-up’s general doom and gloom with twinges of hope and humor. By contrast to its predecessor, Sequel…